Jackleen Holton 



My Story

I’m a poet, coach, teacher, astrologer, and a wife and mom.

I began my spiritual counseling career over twenty years ago at the legendary Phoenix Phyre bookstore in Encinitas, California. My study of astrology goes back even further. Growing up in the seventies, I was drawn to books like Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs and other astrological classics. Fascinated by astrology, I read everything I could on the subject. By the time I took my first astrology class, I realized that I already knew how the signs and planets interacted. I just needed the terminology. Speaking of words, astrology has a beautiful language of its own to describe these interactions. Of course there is no end to the study of the world’s oldest science, so I continue to be a student of astrology. Each astrologer will have her or his own take on a particular chart, its aspects and transits. And the really good ones will put their theories to the test, and study other disciplines in order to support their clients in making the most of the unique “snapshot of the sky” that is their natal astrological chart, as well as what is transiting that chart at any given time. I love the idea of working with one’s innate strengths talents and using what is happening to create maximum success and fulfillment.

So I am life coach as well as astrologer. An introverted* noticer, I grew up paying close attention to details, reading in between the lines in conversation, and seeing below the surface. As a child, I was often called too sensitive, yet it was this sensitivity that led to my intuitive development, and carved out my career path. I am passionately interested in helping others do the same, working with the truth of who they are, and living purposefully and authentically in that truth.

(*Many people think of introversion as synonymous with shyness. In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. I enjoy networking, socializing and public speaking as much as many extroverts. Introverts are those who get their energy primarly from within, while extroverts are more energized by other people.)

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We gravitate toward those most like us in the fundamental ways. I believe that spirituality transcends religion, and faith is a quiet, personal thing. I believe in personal responsibility, that our beliefs shape our reality. I believe in meditation. I endeavor to speak more about what I do want and believe in than what I don’t want, as words are a very strong creative force. I love to work with aware, growing people. As I mentioned, I am an introvert. Which means I get my energy from within, though I love to work with aware extroverts as well as fellow introverts. I love pushing the envelope and expanding the boundaries of my comfort zone, and supporting others in doing so. I love working with creative types, writers and artists, or those who employ creativity in their jobs and businesses. If any of this describes you, let’s talk.