The Transformational Astrology Session

I have recently been called to do a more in-depth astrology session. Before this amazing one-hour session, I complete an in-depth study of your individual natal chart—that unique snapshot of the sky to which you hold title and deed! During our session, I will illuminate for you the various elements of your life’s purpose and how these elements integrate to make you who you are destined to be! And how in the world can you do what you’re really meant to do at the same time you create your dream career AND experience abundant prosperity? Well, this session will illuminate the way for you, and give you a clear, detailed strategy to take to live into your destiny with power and abundance!

You also receive: a recording of your session (Transformational Astrology sessions only).

How does a transformational astrology session differ from a traditional astrology session?

This is an in-depth study of your chart, with an eye to the particular and specific markers that reveal purpose, hidden gifts and talents, and opportunities to transform obstacles. It is a whole-life, whole-vision, whole-soul reading, rather than a transit-oriented (what’s going on right now?) session.

I’ve done many of these sessions, and in each case, the person’s purpose was bigger and better than what they thought it was!

After this session, your traditional astrology sessions with me will be even more dedicated to keeping you on track with your vision, as well as more detailed, purpose-specific and in-depth than ever before!

Cost for this session is $395

By appointment only.
10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays
All major credit cards are accepted.

“EVERYONE needs a Transformational Astrology session with Jackleen. She’ll help you get clear on your real purpose and life goals, help you deal with your challenges and teach you how to make the most of your natural talents. Plus you get an audio recording of your session, a wonderful resource you’ll go back to again and again.”

San Diego

When I first met Jackleen I ordered a natal chart for my son and scheduled a one-on-one appointment for myself. The natal chart is akin to a parent guide book, it gave me insights into my son, further expanded my understanding an ability to parent. I’ve since hired Jackleen for other charts, asked her to ‘read’ during parties and enjoyed her in-depth chart study with her Transformational Astrology package. She is an excellent communicator and coach.
Stephanie West

Internet Guide, Go West Design