Adult Natal Report

This 20+page astrological personality profile is all about you! Learn what your unique natal “thumbprint” says about your character, temperament, motivations, inspirations and destiny. A valuable tool for self-knowledge and a mini astrology lesson in one! Makes a great gift for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves. Or order one for anyone you would like to know more about.


Child Natal Report

This 20+ page children’s astrological profile is highly accurate and full of valuable insights about your child’s unique personality, emotions and talents! A parent’s manual, this report helps you to understand and communicate effectively with your child. My absolute favorite report. I wish my mom had one of these when I was a kid! Makes a great gift for any parent…or order one for your “inner child.”


Forecast Report

You know how sometimes your horoscope in the newspaper is right on…like about 15% of the time? Well, unlike the general ones in the paper and some websites, this daily forecast is based not only on your sun sign, but your whole unique astrological chart!
Nearly every day you will receive one or several mini-forecasts based on planetary transits. What days are likely to be your luckiest this month? Is today a good day to ask for that raise, or would next week be better? What do the planets have to say about your date this Saturday?

$25.00 per 3-month forecast

Solar Return Report

Your birthday is your new year. Make the most of it! This report will tell you what to focus on (and avoid) to maximize success in relationships, career and finances. Know what planetary influences are there to help you, and which may bring challenges. Forewarned is forearmed. Plan your year and thrive. This report will be calculated for your nearest birthday. Please include the location (City, State, or Country if not in the U.S.) you spent or will spend this birthday.


Lunar Return Report

A report on the month ahead, it’s advantages and challenges. It’s like a solar return, but for the month, and focused on the moon (emotional self) rather than the sun. Calculated for the day of the month the moon comes over your natal moon (for best results, ascertain accurate birth time).


Lovers Compatibility Report

How compatible are you and your significant other?
What are the strengths and challenges of this particular relationship?
How do your planets and aspects relate to those of your beloved?
This relationship report is an in-depth analysis of the interactions between your two unique natal charts. Includes introduction.


What I need

Please allow up to 48 hours for your report to be mailed to you, may take slightly longer on weekends.

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    For LOVERS report please include your partner’s information (birthplace, date and time if known) in the Message box. For SOLAR return include your location on your nearest birthday in the Message box:

    When I first met Jackleen I ordered a natal chart for my son and scheduled a one-on-one appointment for myself. The natal chart is akin to a parent guide book, it gave me insights into my son, further expanded my understanding an ability to parent. I’ve since hired Jackleen for other charts, asked her to ‘read’ during parties and enjoyed her in-depth chart study with her Transformational Astrology package. She is an excellent communicator and coach.

    Stephanie West

    Internet Guide, Go West Design