The "Dark" Vision Session

You can’t get what you want until you clear

what’s in the way of what  what you want, and

become the person who would attract it.

I created my Vision Attraction Session to help you clarify your vision and impress this beautiful blueprint on your higher consciousness in such a way that you will get immediate (I’m talking 48 hours!) action on your dreams and desires!  Have a grand vision and Live Into It! That is my simple philosophy.

But I found that oftentimes there is something in the way of our fondest dreams and desires. And usually it is a pattern that has been operating in the background for a long time, leeching precious energy and presenting itself in the form of obstacles that slow down and oftentimes altogether halt the realization of your grand vision.

Time and again, the same obstacles, patterns and responses keep attracting the same discouraging results. And often these seem to show up just when things seem to be looking up. This can be debilitating and discouraging. If you have a repeating pattern, anything that keeps rearing it’s ugly head and ruining or dampening experiences and opportunities, this session is for you!

Not long ago, I offered The Vision Attraction Session at a special discount. This is one of my most popular sessions, and for good reason. It creates clarity and  movement like nothing else.

This is my most immediately transformational session. I’ve been doing this session for nearly 20 years, and over the years it has evolved greatly.

And recently it has evolved yet again. It started with my coaching clients. In a session with a fabulous coaching client, I felt drawn to offer to help with a process I call “Conscious Breakdown”, which I had been teaching as a do-it-yourself clearing process.

The trouble was, very few clients actually did it, or if they did, they wondered if they had done it the right way. And doing it by oneself can be a lengthy, tedious and emotionally wrenching process.

But the thing about the regular Vision Attraction Session is that I don’t let the client off the phone until I feel the vision “create”. I knew immediately that I could do the same with the facilitated conscious breakdown process, or “Dark” Vision Session! I knew that I would feel the cloud cover lift and the bird flying out of the client’s soul. This is the feeling I describe that tells us that the emotional and spiritual release of the obstacle has been achieved.

And following the first session in which a transformation was achieved, another client asked for the session. And then another. I hadn’t even written anything about it, or put out my last email in which I mentioned the process. And just from that small mention, a few more clients who were ready for this transformation signed up. I knew something was happening.

After this release, there is often the need for maintenance work on the release. Habitual triggers can pull us back into a copy of the old feeling. But once it is truly released, the old default reaction is merely a clone of the original often debilitating response. Think about it: If you’ve been reacting to a certain thing happening for years, this reaction becomes automatic. I give the client anchors with which to combat habitual responses and reaffirm the transformation.

And another way that this session has evolved is that I now offer TWO follow-up calls to insure that you remain in the vision.

So, if you’ve had The Vision Attraction Session before, and got some immediate action, but have since reverted to old ways of being and responding, you will want the “Dark” Vision Session in order to clear what is standing in your way. And this session will have you hitting the reset button, as your vision has probably evolved as well!

Clients have told me that this session was just the paradigm shift they needed to begin living a next-level life!

Order this session custom-made for you! Do you need to release a troublesome, sabotaging belief and the patterns it creates? We’ll do a facilitated conscious breakdown followed by a foray into your delicious, wonderful grand vision. Let me know when scheduling that you’d like to do the clearing version, or “Dark” Vision Session. Don’t worry, both sessions end up in the same place: the beautiful feeling-space of your fabulous grand vision fulfilled!

Order Your Right Life–A Powerful Process!

What if you could clear major blockages, submit an order for what you want, and begin receiving action on your order within 48 hours? Are you ready to begin creating the life you want and start receiving the goods in the most efficient way possible?

This is a powerful (approximately) 45-minute session that will clear your limiting patterns, clarify your intentions and, working with the Universal Law of Attraction, begin creating the conditions for fulfillment of those desires within days!

I’ve gotten great feedback from clients who have done this extraordinary process…which puts the Law of Attraction to work for you in a big way. Many, if not most people unconsciously have it working against them! If there’s an area (or several) of your life that needs a complete turnaround, now’s the time to schedule a “Dark” Vision Attraction Session!

“It’s working already! I feel a shift!! This $#!% works!”

L.R., Newport Beach.

“After having this session, I feel like the training wheels are off and I am moving in the right direction with so much more efficiency. I’m so excited about the way things are unfolding now! ” 

G.F., San Diego

By appointment only.
10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays
All major credit cards are accepted.

The Vision Attraction Session is normally $295 (and going up soon). For a limited time, I am offering it for only $245, a $50 savings. And, yes you also get TWO 15-minute follow-up calls to keep you in the vision!

And if you do decide you want to continue coaching (there is absolutely no pressure to do so), you will also receive a special discount on continuing sessions to keep you living powerfully into your grand vision!

Following your purchase, I will contact you to set up your session!