Here is my simple philosophy:

Have a grand vision and live into it. You’ve heard the saying “simple, not easy”, right? This is what I strive to do, and support my clients in achieving. Think about that for a moment, transitioning into the life you really want. Not in five or ten years, but living into it starting now. It’s usually not a one-time leap and suddenly you’re on the other side. It’s a segue from one side to the other. Yes, at times there will be small and large leaps. But even overnight success is not overnight success. I support clients in this transitioning.

I love working with artists, writers, entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs, healing artists, change-agents, introverts (who get their energy from within), extroverts (who thrive on the energy of others, but still need to come up for air), and highly sensitive types (we can be introverts or extroverts), especially those who feel called to push the boundaries of their comfort zones. I once had a coach who said “Your comfort zone is your money zone”. And you could substitute any number of words for money: love, fulfillment, mastery.

My transformational life coaching service begins with a Vision Attraction Session, which is a 40-minute guided session that will assist you in clarifying your unique vision, uncovering the primary obstacles to fulfillment of your desires, and assisting you in getting out of your own way. This session has a way of getting you immediate action on your intentions within 48 hours to a week. The Vision Attraction session is $295. It includes a 20 minute follow-up call to keep you in the vision. There is absolutely no obligation to continue coaching beyond this point.

If you do feel compelled to continue, we will talk twice monthly with the purpose of keeping you in the vision, on track, and in harmony with planetary aspects to maximize success. Monthly coaching fees are $295 -$395.

What is the difference between intuitive sessions and life coaching?

While coaching occurs in intuitive sessions, and intuition often guides my coaching process, the difference between the two services is vast.

Intuitive Astrological sessions are scheduled individually.

They are often focused on specific concerns, and take into account current astrological transits in relation to the client’s natal chart. These sessions provide immediate spiritual assistance and counseling to the client.


Coaching is an ongoing process in which a dynamic partnership is formed for the purpose of creating the client’s future as s/he envisions it. Coaching is for those clients who are ready to become more reliant on their own intuition and take the next step in creating their own extraordinary reality.

“I met Jackleen years ago and she immediately impressed me with her honest yet kind communication style. She keeps me on track with my goals and dreams and helped me to discover them in the first place! She helps me understand that what I think of as a “catastrophe” is really just an opportunity to learn. We are often are laughing together by the end of the talk! If you want help creating everything you want from life, call her!”
Kim E.

By appointment only.
10:00am to 5:00pm weekdays
All major credit cards are accepted.