Creating Abundance by the Moon

Moon Circle Friday, September 9 at 6:00 p.m. pacific

Pisces Full Moon: Healing, Dreams & Vision!

An experience that’s part Moon Circle, part Abundance Workshop, part Group Coaching & part fun happy hour!

Discover …

  • How to MANIFEST healing, creative and professional success, and opportunities utilizing the power of the Pisces full moon!
  • How to GET UNSTUCK and affect dynamic change using moon cycles
  • Which activities and pursuits are MOST FAVORED during this cycle (and what to hold off on!)
  • How to increase your AUTHENTICITY, ABUNDANCE AND EFFECTIVENESS by living in tune with the moon

COST: $30 or $20 for Patreon subscribers

What is a moon circle?

A moon circle is a gathering of individuals who are interested in working with the forces of nature (rather than against them) to create peace, love and joy in the moment and beyond.

A moon circle can be held around the new or full moon.

Here is how my moon circles work:

I discuss the chart of the lunation (new or full moon), what its aspects are, what opportunities and challenges are likely to arise, how to work with these aspects to maximize suceess.

We do a brief guided meditation/visioning to receive more clarity on what we each want to manifest and guidance on what actions each individual would be most benefited by in the upcoming weeks to a month.

I build into the meditation several techniques for centering, relaxation and connecting with your grand vision. As you use these simple, memorable touchstones in the weeks ahead, you can expand your vision and keep it present even as the stresses of everyday life bear down.

Having received these “scenes” from our grand vision, insights and direction from our Higher Selves, and symbolic touchstones, and jotted down a few notes on this experience, we then send energy to each individual for the manifestation of their vision. And oftentimes, we send energy to others for whom we have concerns, as well as to where the energy is most needed in the world.

Many participants have commented that they have felt the best they’ve felt in a long time after the meditation and energy sending.

Participants may then share any intentions for what they intend to accomplish over the next few weeks (new and full moons occur about every two weeks). This gentle accountability is optional, but many have found it to be another highly motivating and inspiring part of the moon circles.

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“Jackleen’s moon circles have been so centering for me. They are such a welcomed opportunity to hear what’s going on in the universe, connect to it and get the boost I need to move forward, to let go of unwanted baggage and to hold open the space to be my best self. I feel so relaxed after each session and I’ve noticed it becomes cumulative. In general I’m more mindful about myself and my interactions with others as I attend more and more of her sessions. I can’t recommend them enough. They truly have been game changing for me.”