Radical Self-Knowledge & Transformation

I’m “Bundling” My Most Fabulous Sessions!

Transformational Astrology & The Vision Attraction Session

PLUS: 2 Follow Up Astro-Coaching Sessions to Keep You Living Into Your Vision!

First Call: Transformational Astrology: 1 hour Studied Deep Dive into Your Unique Planetary Tapestry

Before this amazing one-hour session, I complete an in-depth study of your individual natal chart—that unique snapshot of the sky to which you hold title and deed! During our session, I will illuminate for you the various elements of your life’s purpose and how these elements integrate to make you who you are destined to be! And how in the world can you do what you’re really meant to do at the same time you create your dream career AND experience abundant prosperity? Well, this session will illuminate the way for you, and give you a clear, detailed strategy to take to live into your destiny with power and abundance!

You also receive: a recording of your session (Transformational Astrology sessions only).

Bonus: 15 minute add-on to discuss how to work with what’s going on now!

Discover …

  • · Your Unique Purpose AND how to fulfill it!
  • · How to create abundant prosperity in Your Unique Way! One size does NOT fit all. There is a unique path to realize purpose and prosperity encoded in Your Unique Birth Chart!
  • ·How to transform your biggest challenges
  • · How to increase your AUTHENTICITY, ABUNDANCE AND EFFECTIVENESS with Radical Self-Knowledge!

Second Call: The Vision Attraction Session: 40-minute guided meditation to LIVE INTO your grand vision!

This guided visioning session will assist you in clarifying your unique vision, uncovering the primary obstacles to fulfillment of your desires, and assisting you in getting out of your own way. This session has a way of getting you immediate action on your intentions within 48 hours to a week.

  • Get clarity on your unique vision through a special guided meditation
  • And experience its fulfillment now in present time
  • Create anchors you can take with you so that you can immediately begin living into your grand vision!
  • And brace yourself, because it wants you as much as you want it!

Third & Fourth Calls: Follow-Up Astro Coaching

Two astro-coaching sessions to keep you in the vision & Living in harmony with current astrological transits (i.e.: stop swimming upstream, go with the flow of prevailing energies)

Upon payment you will be contacted within 48 hours to schedule your first session.

Cost: $895 (a $1130 value)