Well, we’re halfway through what is already proving to be anything but a boring week!

July 12th’s Cancer solar eclipse kicked off a 3-eclipse cycle which throws into the mix a Mercury retrograde Wednesday night (10:02 p.m.pacific), on top of a Mars retrograde already in progress (false starts and mis-directed energy, perhaps some laziness), and the second eclipse of the cycle, the Aquarius lunar eclipse, happening this Friday (1:20 p.m. pacific).

What does this mean? Well, a 3-eclipse cycle is very powerful because transformation is definitely on the menu. And if you’ve been reading my Facebook posts, you know that a 3-eclipse cycle can really accelerate your growth, learning and evolution. But fast evolution and transformation are lovely concepts until you’re going through them, right?

Almost everyone in a relationship, any kind of relationship, will feel the effects of this week’s lunar eclipse. And one of the things that eclipses do best is bring things out of the dark into the light. That and dredge up past issues. But being in the know about these things gives you an edge. By being mindful and communicating truthfully and clearly, you can minimize the negative effects of this cycle. Think about the areas in your life in need of evolution and transformation, and be willing to take a crash course in those lessons. Facing things head-on will increase your personal power and effectiveness more than usual now. Willingness is a great companion during eclipse cycles.

A lot of how this eclipse will affect you will be determined by where it occurs in your chart, as well as where the previous (Cancer, solar) eclipse happened, and the upcoming (Leo, solar) eclipse will fall.

But if you know a little about your chart, you can get a good idea. For example, if any of the eclipses (July 12, July 27 or August 11) fall on or near your birthday, you can expect an interesting year that is full of transformational opportunity (i.e.: Have a plan B for everything).

Similarly, if you’re a fixed sign (Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio) and/or have several fixed-sign placements, you can also expect that you will be challenged. The best advice I have for fixed-sign people is: be flexible, as you will probably get hit in the areas where you harbor the most control-freak-ism.

If you know your moon sign (and you really should!), you can also get a few clues on how to weather this period as eclipses are moons on steroids. Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius moon people will likely have some emotional rollercoaster moments over the next few weeks, as will most with moons in fixed signs.

A rule of thumb for emotional reactions: notice when you’re reacting un-proportionally in response to what happened. This will tell you where the issue is, and, with a little examination, why it probably isn’t entirely the other person’s fault. Noticing and shifting your response in the moment, while not easy, is one of the ways we can fast-track our evolution.

But really, very few of us will be unaffected by this cycle. Even if our personal lives are not affected, our global community is already being rocked a bit more than usual. Whatever your political affiliation, the events that unfold in an eclipse cycle have profound implications for things like democracy, economics and the future of the planet.

Whatever it is that you are passionate about, now is the time to really show up for it, and bring others who feel the same. We are very near an evolutionary tipping-point. Let’s make sure we tip the balance in the direction of peace and love.

And if you want more specific insight regarding where everything is going down in your chart, let’s talk!

Oh, yeah, since you’re wondering, Mercury retro lasts until August 18, which will bring more trickery, as the day Mercury changes direction can be extra fraught with Mercurial ups and downs, although it remains in the storm period until August 24.


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