Sunday’s Aquarius full moon (5:02 a.m. pacific) occurs at what my dear late friend Carolyn Precourt called the “degree of tears”. It is the last degree of a sign, which contains all of its qualities and detriments. While the first degree of a sign is also very purely that sign, the last degree is a bit more serious, a bit heavier. But this would fall to reason. When you have a cup of coffee, or almost any drink, which is more enjoyable, the first sip or the last?

Because the first and last degrees of a sign are so intensely that sign, you have probably heard me say “there is no cusp”. And I stand by that. It is still a bit like fingernails on a chalkboard when someone says they’re on the cusp. (Allow me this pet peeve, as I’m sure you have a few in your own profession). This moon is no exception to my “no cusp” rule.. We are going to be dealing with a super Aquarius pitted against a super Leo. Should be fun, eh?

But I don’t want you to get the idea that this is all bad, or even destined to be difficult. One very cool thing about the full moon is that the Aquarius moon is conjunct lucky Jupiter, which should bring good fortune, at the very least in an “all’s well that ends well” manner.

As you know, full moons are about completions, release, and paring down. Habits of elimination, such as more restrictive dietary regimens and reducing unhealthful habits in general, as well as clutter in your physical space are favored not only due to the full moon, but also because the sun moves into health-conscious, tidy Virgo on the same day as this lunation.

The main question this moon poses is: How will we use our energy? This is everything, our communications, our spending, our work, our lives. Each life is an arrow that one can aim in the direction of love or fear.

Mercury is conjunct Venus in industrious Virgo, and the duo trines Uranus in Taurus. This seems to be asking whether we will work for change and justice…

or go down the road of illusion and disinformation. Neptune opposes Mercury and Venus, which could hijack the pair and mis-direct that energy. This would be a good time to let everything you say and especially post on social media pass through the proverbial gates of 1) Is it true? 2) Is it kind? and (this may be the hardest one in a world that seems to reward the saying of anything versus the not saying of something) Is it necessary?

Yup, the crazy will be out in full force, and there will be violence perpetuated in the name of illusion. But what other kind of violence is there? Point to truth. Illuminate truth. Be truth . Be love. Work for what you love and the ideals that you cherish.

And let go of what no longer serves you. This may be easier in some ways now. If you are not feeling this, meditate on the first step. When you ask spirit/God/Higher self what’s next, the way will be shown even if it is one step at a time.

Another good aspect is Venus trine Saturn, which softens some of Saturn’s harsher energy. Do your tasks lovingly, and work for justice in the ways you are guided. This aspect makes it easier to do the harder things when you can let love be the thing you base your work upon. Try to reframe the more difficult tasks through this lens.

And speaking of the degree of tears, if tears come, welcome them. Embrace what you are feeling. If you need conscious breakdown, don’t be afraid to go there. Here, again, is my article on how to create a shift, which is what it’s all about now, be honoring the emotion that is coming through.

Remember, we are in an Aquarian year, in the age of Aquarius. We are re-thinking old ways of doing things, and envisioning a new way of being. Do this first in your own life, but also take your light and your brilliance out into the world.

I challenge you to work with this moon, and your own natal moon, to use it to learn more about yourself, and how to maximize your positive impact in the world.

If you feel I can be of service to you in helping to illuminate this path, let’s talk.

And speaking of the moon and illumination, I am having another moon circle series!

I will be hosting another Creating Abundance by the Moon. We will meet around the Virgo new moon (Sept 7), Pisces full moon/Autumnal Equinox (Sept 21) and Libra new moon (October 5) all Tuesday evenings!

This will be a special one, and here’s why:

Much like cash, sun signs have been king for most of our lives. We say “I’m a Capricorn” or “I’m a faaabulous Leo”, and we read the daily horoscope for that sign. We’ve nodded our heads from time to time at how well that fit us, or our friend who is “a total Sag” or “such a freakin’ Gemini” because he’s on his phone even when he’s on his Ipad, but that’s only a part of us, a much smaller part than you’ve imagined.

The sun sign is the ego. It’s how we are in the world, but it is not our soul. Used properly, it can be a wonderful right-hand man. But if you’re interested in being all that you truly are in this Aquarian age, it can’t be the boss anymore.

And when we get triggered, it’s the rising sign that rushes in. Mine is Scorpio. I call it “bitchy rising”. Most spots of trouble I’ve encountered have been at least aided and abetted by this character. Although great treasures can be found here, too. But you must strive for the highest expression of this sign. For Scorpio, this is transformation, which you probably know by now is something I speak of often and do my best to embody.

But the moon is what Freud called the superego, the higher self.

We are going to inhabit that. I’m a Virgo. How about you? For these 4 weeks, and beyond, we are going to redefine ourselves, and I believe you will find a truer version of yourself and become more of who you really are. And from there we will work with the moon as it moves through the signs, becoming more effective and fulfilled, knowing what to pick up and what to leave behind.

And, yes, as always we will do fabulous manifestations, healing releases and open to and receive more guidance and clarity.

Check it out and purchase tickets HERE! Only $75 for all three sessions if you sign up by August 31, $85 after that.

Here’s what one participant said about the series:

Jackleen’s moon circles have been so centering for me. They are such a welcomed opportunity to hear what’s going on in the universe, connect to it and get the boost I need to move forward, to let go of unwanted baggage and to hold open the space to be my best self. I feel so relaxed after each session and I’ve noticed it becomes cumulative. In general I’m more mindful about myself and my interactions with others as I attend more and more of her sessions. I can’t recommend them enough. They truly have been game changing for me–S.C.

And during the moon circle series, participants receive a discount on intuitive astrological sessions ($15 off a 1/2 hour session or $25 off a 1 hour session).

CLICK HERE to register!



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