Just when you thought it was safe to go back to getting things done, and communicating all adult-like without retro Mercury’s tempestuous twists and turns, enter an opinionated Aquarius full moon with significant oppositions to the planet of communications, among other dramatic aspects.

Yep, you will likely be baited on social media, and battles of opinion may ensue. But the powerful, innovative energy of Aquarius can also bring about the changes you’ve been wanting to implement for a while, and in very interesting and synchronistic ways at that.

A full moon always mixes things up. It gets in the face of our complacency, our denials, our tolerations. It tells us what’s not okay, then it stirs the pot some more. A good full moon can bring about the actions that are needed to break us out of our holding patterns. This is one of those moons.

Monday, August 3 at 8:59 a.m. pacific, the Aquarius moon will oppose the Leo sun. This full moon is about the balance between the self (Leo) and the rest of the world (Aquarius). And it’s about being thrown off-balance temporarily in order to rearrange the cargo you’re carrying. If you do it right, ultimately, this will have the effect of making your journey easier and more enjoyable.

Other than the sun/moon opposition, the most significant aspect in this moon’s chart is the opposition between Mercury and Saturn, and with Saturn being conjunct Pluto, which is conjunct Jupiter, we can factor in the influences of all three heavy-hitters. Yes, little wise-cracking Mercury looks rather bold standing in defiance of these three giants. And that is what’s going to happen. Individuals will stand up to authority and challenge the powers that be, with varying degrees of success. But I guarantee you’ll see more and more stories to this effect. And some will hit their mark.

And Mercury is not the only planet posing challenges to these heavies. Mars squares off, bringing extra aggression, and the possibility of violence. So this would be a good time to steer clear of volatile individuals, and stay centered and grounded.

Should you stand up to your boss right now? Or launch a political crusade? Well, that depends on where these aspects fall in your chart, but you will probably feel some inkling of an impulse to challenge or provoke change. And if this should arise, remember what I have been saying about working with Saturn: discipline, routine, the gathering of knowledge, support and resources.

Pluto is equally important in this equation, as Pluto is the planet of power, both personal fortitude and worldly power. Make sure you are centered and coming from a place of truth, and that the power you seek is for the betterment of more than just yourself. And don’t take it personally if not everyone comes along on your quest.

Aquarius is the sign of friends, but be willing to form new friendships around the things that matter to you, rather than trying to fit old friends into new molds. Aquarian energy is all about the new, the diverse, and even the weird. If you have a freak flag, now’s the time to let it fly. You may meet kindred spirits now.

Agreeing to disagree is key now, too. Because emotions are heightened, you probably won’t convince anyone of anything that they have come to understand emotionally.

A t-square to Uranus from the sun/moon opposition could point to sudden, catastrophic events such as earthquakes or explosions around the full moon and over the next two weeks. Exercise caution when dealing with the elements, and have plans in place just in case.

But mostly, this is a time to align with your vision, both for your personal life and the world, to clear away obstacles to forward movement, and to take the steps that you feel impelled to take in the direction of that vision.

And remember, I will be doing a Facebook Live chat on Monday, August 3 at 6:00 p.m. pacific. I’ll talk about this full moon, current events, and navigating the next two weeks for maximum success.



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