Tomorrow’s Aquarius new moon (Saturday, 12:53 p.m. pacific) is a special one for several reasons. The first being that this is the new moon that kicks off the year of the rabbit. As I mentioned in my last article, this should be a gentler, luckier, and more generally more well-behaved year. Secondly, the sun/moon conjunction at 2 degrees Aquarius is in favorable aspect to Jupiter, the planet of luck.

And with the sun and moon not being far from Pluto, there is a magical and transformative element that can bring to the coming month, and the new year, a powerful surge in the forward direction.

If you’ve already made new year’s intentions, the best time to go over them and recommit and/or amend would be tomorrow, Saturday, between 12:23 and 1:23 p.m. And if you haven’t, this is the time to do so, when the moon and sun are in a special, lucky cazimi aspect. And while you’re at it, do something to move closer to one or more of your intentions. Token starts are important now, as we can show the year how we intend to make good on our promises to it.

There is one square (challenging aspect) in the chart of the new moon, but even that is lucky, as it involves Jupiter. The planet squaring the planet of luck is none other than Mercury, which is direct now, but not quite up to speed. Basically, this means that even if you make a pig’s ear out of your communications, there is opportunity to realize something better because you messed up. Or an out-of-the-box solution arises through a misunderstanding, mishap or inconvenience. Notice how this happens for you over the next two weeks, and ask yourself “For what could this be good?” when things seem to go wrong. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: don’t rush to judgement.

Venus and Saturn are conjunct, which can be a double-edged sword, as Venus wants to party and Saturn wants to work. And romance/finance matters could pop up now. Again, Saturn is easy to work with: be accountable, apologize when needed. And Venus really just wants peace and harmony. Work to create that, but make sure your partner is meeting you halfway. On the other side of the coin, some serious relationships will receive an upgrade in commitment now.

I know I’m pointing back at myself when I say it’s a good time to anticipate your partner’s needs and know that if you do that, fewer miscommunications and other snafus will be triggered now. But I know my husband’s moon is in Aquarius, and he is extra moody during his lunar return, as many people are when the moon comes back to the place is was at their birth. Some clients say that knowing when both themselves and their partner are having a lunar return (it happens every month, and is very similar to that other “time-of-the-month”) is a game-changer.

That said, I hope you know where your moon is, what that means and how to work with it. Let’s talk.

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