Are you ready for a change of energy

That’s a serious question. Because the chart of Monday’s Aquarius new moon (9:46 p.m. pacific) is pretty straightforward. So much so that I will venture to say that this Tiger year is going to be mostly good stuff….

What? Really?

Yes, but with a caveat:

…as long as you can really embrace change.

Because there’s going to be a lot of that. All kinds of change. Some that you actively seek out, and some that you don’t.

When I spoke about the upcoming new year in my moon circle over the last week, the theme that kept emerging was: use the remainder of the Ox year to complete, release, clear-out, and do all the behind-the-scenes work before the curtain opens on the tiger year.

Because then it’s showtime.

What does that mean for you?

For me it means more getting out of the comfort zone. Not necessarily in a way that has to be perfect, but in a way that is perhaps a tad scary, a bit more vulnerable, and a little or a lot more public.

Maybe for you it means that this is the year you will make the big career change. Maybe it will be a segue from the corporate world into your own business, creative endeavor or humanitarian purpose. Or maybe it will be a well-researched and thought-out (and meditated-upon) leap of faith. If you would like coaching on this, let’s talk!

But back to the chart of the new moon, and what that means for the new year that rides in on it.

As a rule, most new moons are somewhat harmonious as the sun and moon are cozied up together, the head and heart of the zodiac aligned. And in this particular new moon chart, there are really only two troublemakers, and that is the disruptive outer planet Uranus, and Saturn, the squaring of which has already been making trouble in the realm of global politics to name just one influence. As I have pointed out basically all of last year, this was the major aspect of 2021.

Well, now Saturn is moving away, for now, although the two heavy-hitters are still too close for comfort, and the reverberations of their clashing ideologies will continue to resound in the air around us for some time.

And this duo are pressing against the sun/moon conjunction in ways that really do affect our personal lives. Uranus is squaring the sun and moon while Saturn goes for the conjunction.

What does this mean? Well, it means that like it or not, Saturn is at the party. Practical details will have to be addressed so that fun and adventure can be had. When Saturn figures prominently, it means all we need to do is have a little discipline, a structure or routine that we (generally) follow and abide by rules and laws, our own and those external to us.

Yes, sometimes that presents a problem, and that’s where Saturn comes in. Again. If you want to smash the (insert corrupt system here), you have to do it in a systematic way. Uranus and Saturn squaring off makes everyone feel revolutionary, but you have to work with discipline to pull off a real revolution.

So speaking of revolution, what great change do you want to make in your world or the larger world for the benefit of all? Do you want to reinvent yourself? Reimagine your life or relationships? Commit to it and begin to take the steps toward it. Start with the completions, then as the curtain opens at the new moon, begin to build and shift and change. Small steps are as good as large ones, as long as you’re leaning toward change and growth.

But while we’re on the subject of change, Uranus, the planet of change (disruption, mass media and revolution) is also making a couple of nice trines.. The personal planet Venus, and to a lesser degree, Mars are the beneficiaries of this change. Could you strike it rich this year, or find your true love? Absolutely. As long as you’re putting your energy into these pursuits, employing some means of discipline or strategy, and being honest with yourself about what works and doesn’t work. Oh yeah, and a nice sextile to Jupiter. Write your book, launch your podcast, and take steps to bring your product to market.

It turns out that these aspects are symbolic of the kind of energy you’ll need to successfully navigate the charismatic, fast-moving year of the water Tiger. The tiger is cunning and logic, but the water element adds an interpersonal element that could benefit those in the creative arts and healing professions. The year favors risk, but asks that you do your due diligence first. And it will be easy to get scattered and distracted as bright, shiny objects abound. So meditate, and do meditative things such as walking or yoga. Brilliant ideas are out there for the catching, and all manner of spirit-communication is favored.

One more thing: please reward yourself. Build play and fun into your work schedule.

New Year’s Blessings,


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