OK, let’s talk about today’s full moon and what it means for the next couple of weeks.
The Aries/Libra dynamic always points to the balance, or imbalance, between what we do for ourselves and what we do for others, especially in our relationships. Venus, the planet of love (and money) has also been heavily transited, which brings the relationship arena into strong focus. So be prepared for possible conflict, discussion, and introspection around your relationship life, perhaps related to shared finances.

The next two weeks will have you thinking about what you really want in relationship, or whether your relationship needs more balancing.

And an Aries full moon can bring about dramatic change in many areas. While the two-week period following the full moon is all about completion, releasing, detoxing and de-cluttering (try to do at least one project relating to these), the Aries dynamic is all about beginnings. If you do choose to launch something, make sure it is not born from haste, restlessness or being fed up with your current situation. Look at and reframe your motives. If you do this mindfully, the Aries energy can move you forward nicely.

Another aspect of this full moon is the near-exact Mars/Venus conjunction, which is great news for romantic partnerships. This cautious Virgo conjunction will bring some of the fiery/airy energy of this time period down to earth, and civilize some of the harsher aspects. It may help you to take a deep breath and center rather than dive into conflict.

Remember, Aries energy is headstrong, me-first, and aggressive. This can be very positive, especially if you’re on the other side of the spectrum, over-giving and other-oriented. If so, use this time and the opportunities it provides to set and enforce stronger boundaries.

If you are a more fiery type, use this time to think of how you can be softer, or more partnership-oriented. What specific actions would really strengthen you relationship bonds?

Another transit “caught’ in the chart of the full moon is a a Sun/Mercury conjunction, which should be good for communications, even though the moon is opposing. Having those difficult discussions is actually favored during this time. Use “I feel…when you do____” language for best results. I recommend the book “Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life” by Marshall Rosenberg.

Saturn, too, factors into this full moon chart. But, as I’ve said before, Saturn is a pretty easy planet to work with (or more accurately: to work for. He’s the boss). Just plan and stick to a routine, follow rules and be mindful of time. Hold yourself accountable, and in the realm of relationship, fess up when you mess up. It will go a long way.

Some good news in parting: the whole weekend looks really good, starting right at quitting time on Friday, with a lucky Taurus moon, so enjoy!