Every full moon is an opposition, as the solar and lunar forces are in polar positions, and Sunday’s Aries full moon (2:08 p.m. pacific) is doubly so. Opposition can manifest as a head-heart dilemma, a conflict between the needs of the self and the needs of the other, and/or a decision about whether to use tact and diplomacy or take no prisoners, all of which are very common in Aries/Libra standoffs. In fact, all these dualities will play out over the next two weeks in small exchanges at the water cooler, at home with significant others, and on the global stage.

In addition to the sun/moon opposition, a Venus/Uranus face-off will be part of the full moon chart, which then carries echoes of all its aspects into the next two weeks, and sometimes longer. Venus is the planet of love and money, and not only is she a bit out-of-sorts due to her recent transit into the murky waters of Scorpio, but this opposition with Uranus is also fraught with drama. Questions of loyalty, usually a given with romantic Venus, may arise. A Scorpio Venus is further scorned by challenging aspects, and anyone who is in a relationship might want to take care to be extra mindful. Venus also rules finances and justice, so these are areas in which to tread lightly and carefully over the next couple of weeks. The upside of anything Scorpio is transformation, though transformation rarely feels good when you’re going through it. A good question to ask is: “How can I use this to transform the way I operate in my relationship (or my finances).”

But it’s not all trauma and drama. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion,
makes favorable aspects to both the sun and moon. This is good for emotional balance and actual good fortune, although Jupiter still squares Neptune, which can cause problems with overindulgence and/or falling for things that are too good to be true. And speaking of Neptune, its trine with Mercury can invite greater intuitive knowledge and useful hunches, as well as communication with other realms. Pay attention to insights and dreams.

Saturn, the planet of restrictions, karma and repercussions, is inching ever closer to Pluto, the planet of power and transformation. We are already seeing how explosive this can be in national and international politics, and it will only get more interesting as the two approach their conjunction in early January of next year.

And we’ve got a Mercury retro coming up on October 31. Sounds like the perfect time for the trickster to go trick-or-treating, huh? So my advice would be to get stuff done now, as Mercury’s retro makes everything a little tricky. The slowdown begins in earnest on Friday, October 25 when Mercury enters its storm period. Think of this as retro-lite. And of course Halloween and the day before and after may be extra retro-ey as the day Mercury changes direction is usually more fraught with peril than most days in the cycle. But as always, a Mercury retro will often provide rare flashes of brilliance, and opportunities to see things from outside the box. On the other side of things, Mercury goes direct on November 20, and leaves its storm on November 25.

My advice for the period following a full moon is similar to my Mercury retro advice. It’s a better time to complete than begin things. And you may feel a bit less social and more irritable under both influences.

But there is usually never a perfect time. And I realize that business has to keep getting done. So trust your gut instincts and stay mindful and centered, have back-up plans and be flexible. As usual, I will be pointing out the lucky days and other bright spots on Facebook.

And speaking of lucky days, we’ve got one coming up tomorrow, Friday, October 11. Use it to get things done, plan and prepare, and of course, enjoy yourself.

We’ll talk more about the retro cycle, and other upcoming transits, such as the new moon on October 27, and for you lucky people who live in San Diego (or will be in the area), I have a New Moon Circle coming up on that date. See below for all the details.



p.s.: Let’s talk about how these transits will affect your chart, and how to maximize your success during this time. (619) 275-1731.

New Moon Circle – Moon in Scorpio,  October 27, 7:00 p.m.

We’ll discuss planetary happenings for the month, and how to maximize your chances of success in all areas during this time. We’ll also do a cool, energy-enhancing manifestation circle and talk about how each of the signs can best navigate the upcoming transits. We’ll have refreshments and snacks. And you will have a better month than had you not attended!

When: October 27, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. NOTE: New time. The circle will go almost 2 hours (the actual new moon happens at 8:39 p.m., so we will be able to usher it in powerfully!
Where: My house in San Diego (Clairemont area) RSVP for address.
Cost: $20 donation.  

Saturday In-Person and Phone Session Day.

Normally, I don’t work on Saturdays, but on October 19, I will be available for intuitive astrological sessions by phone and in-person. Call (619) 275-1731 or email me to reserve your space.