The Aries full moon is usually a powerhouse, as Aries is the sign ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, while the sun in Libra is all about Venusian values which include justice, beauty and harmony. So of course, there is usually quite a bit of tension around this full moon as these two agendas battle it out.

And tomorrow’s (2:05 p.m. pacific) Aries/Libra face-off will be the 2020 remake of this classic drama.

But then, it’s already started. Last night’s presidential debate being a perfect example of this kind of clash.

Mars continues to make trouble with the heavy-hitters Saturn and Pluto, which, as I’ve mentioned have been the defining planets of the year, as well as Jupiter, this grouping representing the outside world: authority, government and business.

But one saving grace is found in a trine to Venus, the female love planet. Who shines more brightly now with the sun in Libra, one of the signs she rules. Which means that Mars has an eye on personal relationships, and wants to keep and protect what he loves now, and this could soften the aggression somewhat, at least at home.

But, unfortunately, the world will burn for a while longer, both literally and figuratively. Mars, which went retro on September 9, coinciding with wildfires along the west coast, has been the can of gasoline on the Saturn/Pluto flames. And, as I mentioned, that isn’t easing up just yet.

So stay as centered and mindful as you can now. Realize that people will be triggered now. I know I have been saying this for a while, but it has been that kind of year. Sigh.

And there is some good news. Saturn went direct on Tuesday, which makes Saturnian things more straightforward: rules, results, consequences. This will also bring back a sense of discipline for those in whom it has been flagging. Rewards earned in the past could be part of what you harvest now. And could justice be coming for those who have evaded it? Possibly, as this is another upside of Saturn gone direct.

With a Mercury, Uranus opposition, more bombshell news reports are in the queue, as more hidden and disruptive information finds its way to the public. The combination of aspects in play now also favors shining the light on bad behavior at work and at home. If this is done with integrity and a cool head, it can be very effective in solidifying boundaries and even shifting the balance of power.

So what should you focus on over the next two weeks?

Clear out things no longer needed in all areas. This is generally a good rule of thumb during a waning moon period, but this one has a special blast of energy behind in it the form of a p-o’ed Mars. What are you fed up with? Work with Saturn now and chip away at it, focusing on how good you will feel when the problem is eradicated and the hoped-for result is in its place. Envision this daily. Anything that requires discipline is also favored. Get accountable, set goals, and take the steps.

Brilliant ideas are also in the air. Writers, investigators, and researchers will have a heyday now if they take the time to delve into their work. Meditate and do mindful things interspersed with your mental pursuits.

I forgot to mention that Mercury retro is coming up. Those who know me know that I don’t freak out about it too much. Sometimes it passes without much drama. It depends on where it falls in your chart. This Mercury retro begins officially on October 13, though the storm period starts on October 7. All the more reason to get important stuff done sooner than later. Mercury will station direct on November 3, incidentally that is election day. Which is the very same thing that happened on November 7, 2000, another election day that you may remember as being particularly chaotic. We should expect that all the votes will not be tallied on that day, and there may be similar skirmishes involving individual states. I will talk more about this as we approach that date.

Meanwhile, I hope you can join me for a Facebook Live chat tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. pacific to discuss all of this and more!

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