Tuesday’s new moon at 1 degree Aries will light a fire underneath you one way or another.

So I hope you took my advice to clear out any obstacles to forward movement at the last (Virgo) full moon. If you’ve cleaned, cleared, organized and gotten stuff done so that your runway is clear, this new moon could bring just the energy surge that you need to up-level, start something important or make major progress in several areas of your life.

Even if you didn’t get everything done that you hoped, there is tremendous energy with this one. Fire sign affiliates will especially feel the motivation and inspiration to make changes.

But there’s a fly in the ointment, as there almost always is. And that would be Mars. Yep, arguably the most troublesome troublemaker of the planets, Mars, the planet of aggression squares the sun/moon conjunction, which makes this new moon act a little bit like a half-moon, the phase in which the sun and moon are in challenging (square) aspect.

You probably know who is going to get triggered by this one. Yep, fiery personalities will be more on fire than usual. Try not to engage, as pushing against this aggression will only make it worse.

The good news is that there are remedies for the feelings of tension and conflict that arise now. Physical exercise and getting things done will help. And yes, be mindful and meditate if that helps. Combining the two is doubly favored: yoga, tai chi, hiking, or being in nature work well. And creative expression is a great way to channel this extra energy.

But really, it’s all energy. Dr. Fritz Perls, founder of Gestalt therapy said “Fear is excitement without the breath.” I would go further to say that anger is energy without the breath. And both may be present now as fear and anger are two sides of the same coin. Breathe. Take a moment. Take a walk and get away from the trigger (or trigger-er).

And there is some good news related to Mars. It is positively aspected by Saturn. What this means is that discipline and routine will often save the day. If you already have a meditation practice, all the better. But hey, a new moon is a great time to add new habits.

My 30-second course in meditation: Start small. Set a timer for 3 minutes, straighten your back, close your eyes and take slow belly-inflating inhales and belly-deflating exhales. Imagine a sphere of light coming down from the sky, through your body and down to the core of the earth. Thoughts will come in. Acknowledge them and send them off with the out-breath. When the timer goes off, if you feel better or calmer, you did it right. Do it again tomorrow and as needed.

Pluto is another planet that factors heavily into this new moon. Pluto is particularly strong now as it’s in the last degree and last minutes of Capricorn, and will move into visionary Aquarius on Thursday. AND this new moon captures Pluto in friendly aspect to the sun and moon. So if you want to make big changes, this is the time to start, even if you make “token” starts, or small steps in the direction of your grand vision. Pluto is magic, and gives extra energy to intentions made and work done with certainty and purpose now,

Also, the north node, indicator of purpose, is conjunct Venus now, so if you do creative work, you would do well to focus on that, as creativity and abundance are holding hands now. Also, gardening and environmental pursuits are highly favored.

Mercury chimes in, too, with a conjunction to the sun/moon. Your communications are doubly important. And a little more attention to etiquette and niceties that many will neglect now will put you far ahead of the competition.

One final note: if you are in a relationship, there could be a few bumps. However, Pluto and Venus in challenging aspect asks everyone to step up their game in partnership, and sometimes that looks like a shake-up. Many relationships that have run their course will dissolve now, and those on the way out will be weakened. So if you want to continue with your partner, make sure to use this opportunity to strengthen the bond, and engage your parter in so doing. Pluto favors honesty, as does Saturn (which aspects the other relationship planet as I mentioned before).

But overall, this is a positive new moon, and the next two weeks are good for building, taking calculated risks, and adding new habits.

Where is all this happening in your chart? And what is most favored for you? Want to know how to maximize your success by swimming with the current? Let’s talk.

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Happy spring equinox and happy new moon!



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