When I look at the chart of a lunation, full or new moon, oftentimes I’ll get a vision or a few words that seem to fall in line with the shape of the chart, the aspects it makes. This one said to me: Say yes to what is happening. Which is really easy, right, when the thing that’s happening seems to be in line with what you want. Much harder, of course, to say yes to change that doesn’t reveal its helpful nature right away.

Friday’s 16 degree Cancer full moon (3:08 p.m. pacific) is a relatively harmonious one. Despite the fact that it is a full moon, and therefore by definition a tense moment, the aspects other than that obligatory opposition between sun and moon (and one other planet), are very favorable.

But let’s get the oppositions out of the way first. Yep, the Capricorn sun and Cancer moon are facing off again. This is the moon I have previously referred to as the trying-not-to-cry-at work moon. Because Capricorn is all business and Cancer is all emo, and when they oppose each other, the head and heart come into conflict. But what if you said yes to that conflict, whatever it may be for you, and turned it over in your hand? What is on the other side of those feelings that bubble up around work, home, family, practicality, traditions, the past? And where might this be leading you?

And because I said oppositions, plural, let’s move on to the only other one. Mercury conjoins the sun in Capricorn. And of course, it’s a retrograde Mercury. And because it’s conjunct the sun, it’s opposed the moon. Yep, folks are going to say dumb stuff that might trigger emotions, or maybe even act as sandpaper to the soul. Yes, that person will probably have something to say, if not in the next few days, then over the next few weeks.

But if we turn that rock over, we will know exactly what we need to get neutral on in order to show up more powerfully.

And here’s another cool thing about the sun, Mercury and the moon: really amazing outside-the-box ideas come from small emotional shifts. For example, saying yes to the moment, even when it’s gifts are not yet apparent.

Yes, easier said than done. I hear you. But here’s why it might really move things in the right direction. Uranus, the planet of change and disruption trines the sun and Mercury, and it also makes a friendly aspect to the moon. When planets make these positive aspects to each other, rather than the T-square they could make to a sun/moon opposition, it practically shouts that opportunity will come from somewhat difficult or tense situations. And all that might be required is to take a few breaths and re-orient yourself. Yeah, it’s also a possibility that a bit more than that will be required. But one breath at a time. One foot in front of the other.

And speaking of positive aspects, we’ve got Mars and Venus in a loving trine, which can be great in the relationship arena, especially if you don’t let yourself be triggered by blasts from the past and other means of frustration or irritation. “De-escalate” could be the mantra that saves the day and leads to more connection.

Another way to look at this: Mars and Venus are harmonious in air signs, so have philosophical and existential discussions with your partner and others close to you now. Venus and Jupiter are also friendly, so luck and love may result from communications, chance encounters (even those that look like nuisances) and changes of plans. Again, that flexibility and sense of humor that I mention every time Mercury goes retro will be an asset here.

I’ll be talking more about this full moon as I look at it more over the next few days as well as other aspects and what they mean, the sign the moon is in on any given day, and what that means, as well as other musings, a few sports predictions and more on Patreon. My zone of excellence is doing astrological coaching and intuitive astrological sessions, but my zone of genius is writing, tracking the moon, and believe-it-or-not, I’m enjoying playing around with these sports predictions (and so far I’ve gotten 4 out of 4 games right). I would be honored if you’d join me.



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