Today’s 14 degree Cancer new moon (3:57 p.m. pacific) is just about as good as a new moon gets, with one caveat, but really, just one…

But before we get to that, let’s talk about all the reasons this can be a fabulous new moon for most people. (Yes, there is always that matter of where it falls, and what individual planets it sparks in your own chart, but we can talk about that if you feel drawn to have a chat).

Number one is always the most obvious, and this is true of every new moon: the sun and moon are cozied up, and therefore in alignment. The sun and moon, respectively, represent the head and heart, and the ego and the superego (higher self). So that’s why we often feel much better around a new moon than a full or half-moon when the two luminaries are in more difficult aspect.

In this case, the sun and moon are in Cancer, the sign of home, family and nurturing. The sign of the crab is also the sign ruled by the moon. So the sun and moon are agreeing, and they are agreeing on the side of the heart and higher self. This can be a very powerful alliance. What do you have around the 14th degree in your chart, especially in water signs (positive) or cardinal signs (challenging)?

Furthermore, this new moon reads like a dinner party where small groups of kindred spirits can be found in deep, soulful conversation and enjoyment, as opposed to a raging party where the larger group dances to the same beat, while a few troublemakers get up to mischief.

There is little mischief here, as most of the aspects are the friendly ones, primarily sextiles, and a few lucky trines.

When I look at any chart, one of the first things I look for is Jupiter, the planet of good fortune. And while Jupiter only aspects one planet, that aspect is a sextile to Mercury, the planet of communications. This is good news for anyone in the communication business (and who isn’t ?).

And speaking of Mercury, the planet of communications also favorably aspects (trines) Neptune, so if communication with spirits, guidance and those who have passed on is part of your repertoire, or if communication is your art–creative writers, performance artists–the downside being that this aspect may also favor those who treat the truth as a performance piece.

And while we’re on the subject of downsides, yeah, let’s get that opposition out of the way. Mercury opposes Pluto, which means maybe don’t challenge the boss unless you are really sure. Power plays may backfire, and perhaps even innocent communications may be misconstrued. That doesn’t mean that you can’t turn things around if they are already headed in that direction, but knowing when to stop talking may be a very valuable asset at work now.

But having said that, eruptions in interpersonal or more equal relationships may pave the way for greater understanding. So it won’t be too hard to find that silver lining with your partner after a heated discussion if one should arise.

OK, back to the good stuff. Ideas and insights abound. Meditate, do tasks mindfully, walk in nature, do art. What will arise now may astound you.

The heavy-hitting outer planets are all in play, but the key thing to know here is that they are all in favorable aspect. So if you have been feeling discouraged about the state of the world, this new moon will help lift your spirits and encourage you in the direction of action rather than despair.

Mars is the planet of action, and it, too is well-aspected now. So be mindful of what you now feel guided to do, and begin to move toward the change you want to see in the world as well as in your personal life. Remember when I wrote about making “token starts” in areas that are important to you? Friday’s new moon (and the two weeks following it) is the perfect time to make these new starts. Mars also spurs us toward challenge. What have you been wanting to do, but have stopped yourself out of fear? Yep, Mars wants us to expand our comfort zones, and the planets that it aspects want us to do so for a purpose bigger than ourselves.

Saturn also makes some good aspects to other planets, which means our hard work and discipline will be rewarded, particularly when we tie it to our grand vision.

Yes, this is one of those “green light” new moons in which we can make bold moves in the direction of our biggest dreams and highest ideals. And the friendly aspects increase the chances that we’ll have support and guidance from like-minded others.

So ask for the help and resources you need now. Make the case for why your friends and colleagues should get on board with what you’re doing.

Most of the planets are in water signs, which can bring emotional fulfillment. How will you achieve this? One way is through mental connections and sharing common beliefs. Air and fire make strong showings, too, with a notable trine between Mercury and the north node, which urges us again to speak and otherwise communicate about what is most important to us.

Another benefit: a new moon can provide a nice reset when we feel stuck. It can bring a change of perspective when we need it most, This one brings new ideas and inspiration. How will you use it?

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