In the two weeks following Friday’s Cancer new moon (6:17 p.m. pacific), you will have experiences of perfect Cancerian comfort and love. When the moon cuddles up to the sun in the sign of nurturing, domesticity and emotions, there will be those simple moments that remind us why we do what we do and love what we love. But warm fuzzies are not all we’re getting from this new moon.

If I mentioned at the last full moon that it felt kinda like a new moon rolled up inside a full moon, then this is the flip-side of that: a new moon that has enough tense aspects to pass for a full moon. As you probably know, a new moon means the sun and moon are conjunct, at the same degree, and therefore in harmony. A full moon brings them into direct opposition, which creates more discord.

The last full moon brought us an opportunity for catharsis after an eclipse cycle/Mercury retro combo that had crazy written all over it. And now, with a new moon that typically brings emotions down, some aspects in the chart of this moon are set to stir up the pot a bit.

Let’s talk about the troublemakers in this new moon chart, then we’ll talk about the aspects that will make it all worthwhile.

It’s a tie: Saturn and Uranus, whose square to one another is the defining aspect of 2021, each make two other challenging aspects to other planets in the chart of the new moon. What does this mean? Well, that relative with the absolute opposite political/religious ideology from you will probably attempt to trigger you again, doubling down on his or her beliefs. Or you might feel compelled to say something on social media that irks friends, family and strangers, prompting negative responses. What else is new? But unless you’re doing your debating in an entirely new way, the needle won’t move, as the zealous will dig their heels in even more this time.

But it doesn’t have to be about politics. This can happen anywhere in your life where you and/or others are trying to control outcomes or holding rigid beliefs. The next two weeks will be kindest to those of us who take an honest look at our own control-freak tendencies and how our egos behave around the egos of others, and make an effort to demote the ego rather than let it run the show. In fact, I will go so far to say that this is a lesson that most of us have come in with, which means the triggering forces that are occurring now are only helping us to see our limiting patterns and begin to correct them. Major karma points for doing so. For instruction on this, see my recent article:

And if we do this, we will be poised to enjoy more of the opportunities that the next two weeks present.

What opportunities are these, you may ask?

Well, luck shows up in this new moon’s chart in several ways. The first is, of course, what I mentioned at the beginning of this article: the sun and moon in wonderful harmony in the sign of home and family, particularly motherhood and nurturing. So while all family interactions may not be perfectly peaceful (LOL), there will be a few wonderful moments with those closest to you.

And speaking of relationships, romance looks pretty good, too, with Mars and Venus conjunct in fun-loving Leo. However, one caveat. If you meet someone new that you think may be the one, don’t jump in with both feet. Saturn opposes Mars and Venus, so leave a little space to let your suitor long for you a bit between dates and conversations.

This Mars/Venus conjunction, coupled with the aforementioned one (sun/moon) may also bring luck in the area of fertility and conception for those in the market for a new addition to their family.

But babies aren’t the only thing that can be conceived now. Creativity abounds, so artistic pursuits may blossom, and home decorating is very favored. And those hoping for a lucky break in real estate may also be guided to the right property at this time.

And, one of my personal favorites: Mercury and Jupiter are in a harmonious trine, so writers should get their words out into the world, as both writing and publishing are favored.

Of course, a lot of this will depend on where these aspects affect your unique chart, so if your interests lie in any of these areas, let’s talk.

In a nutshell, what we can expect from the next two weeks following Friday’s new moon are opportunities to see our default patterns, and make shifts in the areas we have previously tried to control or have held rigid beliefs or expectations. Cultivate flexibility when things appear to be going wrong, and be alert for opportunities that arise, especially those that show up in ways different than we expect.

So…I will be hosting another Creating Abundance by the Moon. We will meet around the Cancer new moon (July 9), Aquarius full moon (July 23) and Leo new moon (August 6) all Friday evenings!

And, I just realized that the first session, THIS FRIDAY will be during the new moon’s lucky Cazimi time! This means that not only is the new moon happening at the time of the circle, but it’s a special lucky time that doesn’t happen every new moon!

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Here’s what one participant said about the series:

Jackleen’s moon circles have been so centering for me. They are such a welcomed opportunity to hear what’s going on in the universe, connect to it and get the boost I need to move forward, to let go of unwanted baggage and to hold open the space to be my best self. I feel so relaxed after each session and I’ve noticed it becomes cumulative. In general I’m more mindful about myself and my interactions with others as I attend more and more of her sessions. I can’t recommend them enough. They truly have been game changing for me–S.C.

And during the moon circle series, participants receive a discount on intuitive astrological sessions ($15 off a 1/2 hour session or $25 off a 1 hour session).

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