Yes, we are out of the Mercury retro, and officially out of its shadow period on Sunday, and then we have a lovely, nurturing, restorative new moon on Monday, which will bring a needed sense of peace and well-being after a tumultuous eclipse cycle. Sounds about right, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch.

So, first of all, the good news: there are 3 events early next week that should have us all letting out a collective sigh of relief. First, Mercury exits its storm (that post-retro period when everything’s still a bit retro-y) on Sunday, then, on Monday, we have a nurturing, homey Cancer new moon, then the sun moves out of emo Cancer, into much-more-fun and playful (if a bit dramatic) Leo, which is the sign most favorable sign for the sun.

But…and there’s always a caveat in astrology, in the new moon’s chart, we have, yet again, a heavy Saturn presence. In this case, it’s an opposition to the sun/moon conjunction. Bummer?

Well, Saturn can be a bummer if you just want to be carefree and party, but I think the planets are really hammering it in that we are not in that kind of time. And, as a Saturn-ruled Capricorn, I can tell you (after many years of Saturn-denial) that Saturn is actually pretty easy to work with if you know what’s going on.

Remember that Saturn is one of the two key players that are dominating and defining 2020. The other one, of course, is Pluto, but more on that in a second.

So this next two weeks to a month are all about what the year is about, basically, which, on Saturn’s end is sacrifice. Saturn wants discipline, routine, and restriction. Knowing this, I did a 55 day raw-food and juicing cleanse over the last two months, as I figured I would not have the temptation of social events and restaurants due to the restrictive circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Saturn asks us to work hard, to limit ourselves in ways that may not always be comfortable, and to use what is already in our environment to help us meet a goal. This is called economy, and it’s one of Saturn’s favorite words. Basically, Saturn doesn’t want us to reinvent the wheel, or do something not advisable given your economic, seasonal, skill-related, or other parameters. But it does want you to sweat a little, push a bit harder, give a little more, or otherwise challenge yourself.

So this would be a good time to develop at least one solid routine. And if things have become a little too routine for you, switch it up a bit, add something else. Accountability is another Saturn keyword. Have a buddy or a coach you make yourself accountable to. Follow rules and laws unless those rules infringe too much, and in that case, use Saturnian discipline and order together with Pluto and it’s revolutionary fervor to help you challenge the rules and rule-makers.

And speaking of Pluto, it’s not far away from the action on this new moon. Conjunct both Saturn and Jupiter, Pluto is still stirring the pot for transformation. And with retro Neptune favorably aspecting Jupiter and Pluto, (and Saturn to a lesser degree) spiritual work is more easily accomplished, and insights float up to the surface more readily than usual.

What transformations did the eclipse cycle bring you? Chances are, you came face-to-face with one or more of your biggest bugaboos over the last month or so. I hope you did, or will do the work to transform your response to these issues that arose.

I speak a lot of the value of having what I call conscious breakdowns around those situations where we have strong emotional responses, and using the emotion to get to the core of the thought, habit or behavior. And when you can dwell there without fear and be with whatever emotion arises, there is a lightening of the energy, as if a bird has flown out of your soul. This is the way of transformation.

As I mentioned in my last article, it is a good time for love and dating, and that’s still true, with Mars and Venus in favorable aspect, and Mercury now direct. But of course, Saturn will want to have it’s say here, too. Think of Saturn as your chaperone who wants to help you make good choices for your future, choices that are based in true compatibility and respect rather than emotion and desire.

Social media and other means of mass communication are also favored, as Mercury and Uranus are well-aspected. Learn as much as you can about how you can utilize these platforms to get your message out into the world.

So, yes, this is a time of new beginnings, as well as a fair amount of rest and play, although Saturn will place a few obstacles on the course to keep you on your game. Don’t take it personally. And there’s a good chance that the obstacles will be fewer and more surmountable if you work with Saturn along the way using routine and discipline.

I will be doing a Facebook Live chat Monday at 6:00 p.m. pacific about the new moon, as well as a summary of the eclipse cycle lessons, aspects, and a little commentary on current events in light of these cosmic ups and downs. I hope you can join me.



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