Friday’s 1 degree Capricorn full moon (6:07 p.m. pacific), a.k.a. the lesser Trying-not-to-cry-at-work moon (the Cancer full moon is the greater Trying-not-to-cry-at-work moon), while it may stir up emotions just by being a full moon, actually doesn’t look all that foreboding…

Well, there is a big if here. That’s if you are doing all the things in moderation.

Yep, Neptune is the most aspected and problematic of planets in this lunation. And when Neptune is negatively aspected, it tends to trigger the escape hatch. So whatever behavior one tends toward in avoiding anything: work, emotions, the inconvenient or uncomfortable truth…well, that’s where we could run into problems.

But the other side of Neptune is the spiritual oneness that we all seek, but through healthy means like meditation, mindfulness, noticing and other ways of practicing presence. Check in with yourself often, and be accountable to what you say you want to achieve. Take note of where resistance arises.

But really, that, and, of course, other people who don’t manage their escapism or compulsions well, are the only real drawback. So be aware. Flare-ups in religious and/or other ideological zealotry can also be a symptom of afflicted Neptune. But again, the aforementioned practices will be helpful in not allowing others’ experiences to hijack yours.

Everything else looks pretty good, once we get past the tension of the full moon itself. Yep, some of you may already be feeling it. Anyone snapped or been snapped at in the last 24 hours?

But Mercury and Venus are conjunct in sensitive emo Cancer, so heartfelt communication is favored. And these two being close is also good for business. Relating to your clients or customers in an honest, vulnerable way will seal the deal more easily than punting your expertise now. People will also be searching for good value, and even a small savings will be appreciated.

And Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune together can bring luck through following intuition and empowering others to see their own strengths. Encourage the behavior you want more of, and try not to make a big deal of the unwanted behavior. Trust others to help you now. There is a synergy that can arise now, and perhaps even that dreaded meeting will yield usable solutions.

Overall, this looks like a good full moon. Remember to clear, clean, reduce, eliminate and complete before launching, or beginning now.

But before the full moon, we have the summer solstice. This is a time to celebrate the successes of the past 6 months, and set intentions for the next 6 months. What do you want to achieve by the winter solstice?

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