As I mentioned in my last post, the upcoming Christmas Day solar eclipse (9:13  p.m. pacific) brings tidings of the year to come. So pay attention to  what feelings, patterns and inspirations come up around this time, for  they will likely be themes of the coming year for you. And speaking of  the new year, tomorrow, the winter solstice (8:19 p.m. pacific) is a great time to give thanks for blessings the year has brought, and celebrate the successes you’ve had, as well as to look forward to what you would like to achieve in the coming 6 months to a year.

Yes, I’ve said it before, the January 1st “new year” is just a flip of a calendar page. Your real new year is your birthday, the day on which the sun returns to the exact position of your natal sun. The best universal new year is the lunar, or Chinese new year which occurs in 2020 on January 25, as the actual character of the year changes at that time (the upcoming year will be the year of the rat. We’ll talk more about that next month). But, I say why not use the January 1st new year to make some changes, and if you screw that up, it can be a dry run for the lunar new year.

Ok, back to the eclipse. Saturn and Pluto figure prominently in the chart of December 25. Put these two together (they’re very close, close enough for the effects of this transit to be felt now) and you have lots of transformational change in the offing.

Saturn is the pull of the past. Things that have happened before will likely happen again or be shown to us again at this time. Saturn also symbolizes discipline and authority. This is a good time to create and strengthen routines that work, and good habits. Saturn likes a little restriction, and while the holidays are typically not a time when people like to restrain themselves, it might be a good idea to find a few areas where you can make some changes, even minor ones, in areas where you could benefit from a little more restraint.

On the other side of the coin, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, also has a starring role in the eclipse, as it’s conjunct the sun/moon in Capricorn. Jupiter is the giver of gifts, and with it being in the utilitarian sign of the goat, I can predict that you’ll give and get more practical gifts this year. But those with major Capricorn affiliations will be pleased to know that work will be more fun, and rewards will be more merit-based. And, yes, Capricorns will be luckier, as will the other earth signs. As a hard-working Capricorn myself, I can say it’s about damn time!

One of the obvious ways that this Pluto/Saturn conjunction is showing up is in the area of government. We’re at a tipping point on a global scale. What kind of country do we want? And what kind of governing systems will arise throughout the world? There has never been a time to be the change that you want to create in the world mores than now. The winter solstice would be a good time to reflect on your role in changing the world as well as your own life. This solar eclipse would be a great time to make these larger plans, and to put a little money or another outward symbol of commitment on something you believe in.

And what follows a solar eclipse? A lunar eclipse. The Cancer full moon/lunar eclipse will occur on January 10. Both of these eclipses will put the spotlight on feelings and intuition, but this one will be where the money is as far as making transformational changes in the way we experience and express feelings. That’s why it’s crucial to pay attention around this first eclipse when emotion arises. What triggered it? What is your typical expression. And maybe, just maybe, your noticing of these patterns will occur closer and closer in time to the triggering event, and that is where the power is. The power to choose your reaction is like money in the bank. We’ll talk more about this eclipse in the next newsletter. But, think of the solar eclipse as a time to manifest, and oftentimes some progress of your manifestations will show up by the lunar eclipse. In amy event, the two eclipses together will bring clarity and a good sense of direction for the year to come. And, as always, if your birthday is near, or between the eclipses, it should be a powerful year for you. And, yes, we need to talk 🙂

I wish you the happiest of holidays,


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