The week’s festivities started with the summer solstice on Sunday as the sun moved into Cancer (8:32 p.m. pacific). And Tuesday finds us coming out of a particularly tricky Gemini Mercury retro following an eclipse cycle in which emotions and reactions have run the gamut. Thursday’s Capricorn full moon (11:40 a.m. pacific), actually might be just the ticket, as long as we embrace, rather than run from the emotions that come through, and process what we learned during the eclipse cycle.

Whenever we have a Capricorn/Cancer opposition, I think about how emotions seep into the workplace. I used to call this combo the “trying not to cry at work moon”. Now I think I will call it the “moon of emotional intelligence and self-nurturing”. Seriously. I think almost everyone (and definitely everyone reading this) has evolved at least a little over the last year or so, under the interesting Saturn/Pluto and the ongoing Saturn/Uranus aspects, as well as the Age of Aquarius, which has been upon us since the winter solstice Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, if not longer.

And speaking of solstices, how much more have you awakened since that last one? I’d be willing to bet it has been considerable. And much of it, of course, is still happening. No really, this is the time to take stock of what you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown over the last 6 months. That is what the solstices are about. Celebrate your achievements, even if they are more of the intangible sort. Mine definitely have been largely about realizations, those things that people can tell you until they go blue in the face, but it doesn’t matter a whit until you have the knowing.

Celebrate that. And celebrate what is to come. Set intentions for the next 6 months. Then celebrate the fulfillment of those, which, by the way, is another ancient secret. Yes, be grateful, but that is only half the story. If you can have true gratitude for what you are calling to you before it arrives, then it will most surely arrive.

Of course the second part of this truth is that we then have to throw out the timetable for the things that we ourselves can’t control, which is, of course, most things save our own reactions. Manage those. Don’t get discouraged. I say this because as one set of breaks comes off, Mercury goes direct today, another set is applied. Jupiter is retrograde as of Sunday. So, yeah, some of the goodies will be delayed a little longer. Trust perfect timing.

But even with Jupiter slowing down, this full moon can be a lucky one, as the sun and Jupiter are in very favorable aspect in water signs. Luck will be realized in creative and healing pursuits. Intuition will bring the needed solution, and synchronicity will provide the missing link.

Saturn continues to dominate, making the lion’s share of aspects in this moon’s chart. Good news first: Mercury, having just gone direct works well with Saturn in a nice trine that will benefit those who deliberate and plan their communications.

However, we are still under the disrupting influence of the Saturn/Uranus square. Couple this with a Mars/Saturn opposition, which spells trouble when anger and zealotry intersect. Steer clear of trigger-happy folks now if possible.

Brilliant ideas are still swirling around in the ethers. Spend more time in your body than in your mind. Meditate and be mindful. Don’t overthink things.

Overall, I would say that Thursday’s full moon is just what we need after the Mercury retro and eclipse cycle has shaken things up. Do something nurturing and centering now, but remember to take stock and celebrate what you have learned, achieved or just made it through.

And if you’d like to look at where all this is happening in your unique chart, and what it means for you, let’s talk.

Solstice Blessings,


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