I hope you’re already feeling some relief, as Mercury, the planet of communications, is now direct, and the 3-eclipse cycle has come and gone. Hopefully, you’re a little wiser, too, as a 3-eclipse cycle is the perfect opportunity to grow spiritually and learn important lessons. And with Mars, the planet of action, going direct, we can expect even more relief. Mars likes to fight, add a Mercury retro, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a war of words or at the least, little skirmishes of passive aggression. So the edginess that has permeated interpersonal relations will calm a bit once Mercury exits its storm period on August 24, and Mars changes direction on August 27. Another thing a retro Mars does is dampen one’s resolve to power-up and stay motivated.

So I predict that by the end of this month, you will probably experience a wave of inspiration building up. When you begin to feel it, start paddling. You’ll have a better sense of direction and most will feel more confident, especially those who really got the lesson or lessons of the eclipse cycle. If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing you can name at least one area where you’ve experienced growth that you can put to constructive use. Also, you have probably done some preparation, whether you know it or not, for your next big move or change. That’s the power an eclipse cycle can give, particularly once the dust settles and the confusion clears. We are approaching the time for vision-inspired action!

Another change occurring this week: the sun moves into practical, detail-oriented Virgo on Wednesday, August 22. If you have been short on patience, this earth energy can help you get necessary, if not super-exciting, tasks completed. Meditate, stay centered and intersperse mental and physical activities.

The week ends with a Pisces full moon, which, after the eclipse cycle, should make habit-change and maintenance of new habits easier. This is also the perfect full moon for detoxes, decluttering and the like, as Virgo rules cleanliness and health. A grand trine graces this full moon, and softens the usual full moon tension a bit, and gives a burst of inspiration to creative endeavors. So, if you’ve been heeding my advice about working quietly with your head down and getting ready for bigger and better things, you’ll be set up to move. Yay!

Yeah, there’s a Venus/Pluto square on the same day, so maybe don’t have that big relationship talk. But, that’s probably a good rule for full moons in general, especially the one following an eclipse cycle, and especially if relationship issues came up during the eclipse cycle (July 12- August 11).

So in short, things are looking up. It’s a creative time, and almost time to take a big leap. Meditate on what that might be if you haven’t already intuited it. Be prepared, and alert for the signs to move forward.

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