Think fast: what’s the big change that you’d most like to make over the next month? The next year?

We’re now into an eclipse cycle with a dramatic Leo lunar eclipse yesterday, which is all about releasing what no longer serves you over the next two weeks, which then clears the way for the bigger vision to emerge when the Aquarius solar eclipse rolls around on February 15! We’ll talk about how you can best do that in a minute.

I’m sure you’ve heard it already, or maybe you saw it yourself: Yesterday’s lunar eclipse was a badass force of nature. It was a supermoon, which means it came close to the earth, and loomed extra large in the sky. It’s a blood moon because it looks almost red as it rises through the atmospheric dust. And it’s a blue moon because it was the second full moon of the calendar month, which has absolutely nothing to do with astrology or astronomy, it’s just a cool fact to throw into the mix.

I have this cache of very intuitive, growth-oriented, moon-sensitive, basically awesome clients who call me as they start to feel the energy of a big, important moon like this. And as I speak to them, I feel some version of the same feeling. It’s like layers of old skin being peeled away. It’s everything seeming to come together in a weirdly uncomfortable way that just has to mean transformation.

And they’re feeling it across the board: in finances and career, in love and relationships, in health and well-being, in things that need to be released. And wouldn’t you know it, the first eclipse in this cycle, yesterday’s lunar eclipse, is all about releasing the drama. But what need to happen in order for such a release to take place? Well, we usually need to revisit the thing that we need to let go.

So it stands to reason that I’m hearing a lot of “haven’t I already let that go?” Or “I thought I was done with that #$%&!”

And my answer is, yes, you probably are. But it’s coming back up for it’s formal goodbye. No big deal, right? All you have to do is state that you choose better for yourself. Even if better is nowhere to be seen yet.

And another thing: this is the time to get a firmer grasp on your vision. Visualization is great, but what I like even better is visioning, the process of allowing the vision to come to you. This can be achieved by getting into a meditative state, then asking the vision to come to you, then feeling it with all your senses. (I do a fabulous session called the Vision Attraction Session that assists you in doing just that, which just happens to be on special now!)

The reason I say this is that the energies of creation are more malleable during this between-eclipses time. In fact, I’ll go even further to say that the vision you impress on your higher consciousness now, the plans you make related to that vision, and the actions you begin now, this month, can make all the difference. So pay special attention to what you give your attention, energy and love to now! And try not to give out too much negative emotion, as that will have a hook in it that binds you more closely to what you hate. Do a release ceremony on the job, relationship or other situation that you’d like to release. Trust me, now is the time.

And yes, sometimes “stuff happens” during eclipse cycles. It might also be a good time to look at what you may be avoiding and/or putting off. Saturn is in its home sign of Capricorn, which is a call to responsibility and action on practical matters. Also, this first eclipse caught Mercury at the final degree and minute of Capricorn, which lends a seriousness to thought and communication. It also means you can get a lot done now when you put your head down and work your plan.

Will there be drama within the next two weeks? Yup, probably so. But I’m hearing several of my clients say that they are already surprising themselves and the drama queens and kings in their lives by responding very differently, being more inquisitive then participatory. Yes, old stuff comes back up during eclipse cycles, but it’s only coming up to be seen and dealt with in new, more visionary ways.

With both yesterday’s eclipse and the upcoming solar eclipse on February 15, the sun is in Aquarius, the sign of the visionary. What are you envisioning for yourself and for the world? Now is the time to commit or recommit to this vision. How can we meet our vision and our challenges in new ways. How can we upgrade and update? Aquarius is the sign of new communications tools such as social media. What new communication techniques do we need to learn, both to navigate the new world, and to create and maintain peace within it?

Eclipse Blessings,