The first full moon after an eclipse cycle usually reverberates with eclipse energy. In other words, things get stirred up…

But if you have awareness of this, remain centered and perhaps actually look forward to seeing old problems through new lenses, this can be a transformative time, especially if you’ve taken my advice and worked on seeing your “triggers” during the recent eclipse cycle.

The full moon I refer to is tomorrow’s Virgo full moon (at 11 degrees Virgo) occurring at 4:51 p.m. pacific on Thursday, March 1.

A lot of what you will experience during the next two weeks will be determined by where the eclipses fell in your own, unique natal chart, as well as what this full moon sparks in your chart. I still think we are in the most potentially transformative time of the year.

But besides the usual full moon cautions (be alert for drama, be mindful and understand that others may be reactive) and the advice to focus on releasing, cleansing and habits of elimination, this full moon also comes with a fair amount of luck due to a Venus/Jupiter trine. Where will this luck come from? Likely from following intuitive hunches, spiritual and creative pursuits and deep reflection, as this trine occurs in the water signs of Pisces (Venus) and Scorpio (Jupiter).

Communication is also favored, as Mercury is also included in this aspect (though its trine with Jupiter will be exact on March 2). This is a sign of good fortune for writing and publishing as well as any communications you send out to generate revenue.

And speaking of communications, this is a good time to complete projects before the Mercury retro bar comes down. Mercury goes retro on Thursday, March 20, but is in its storm by the 15th, which keeps us in an extended completion phase until Tuesday, April 24 (although Mercury retro “proper” ends on the 15th of April, let’s give it another week or so to get back up to speed). We’ll talk more about Mercury retro as it gets closer, but for now: get it done sooner than later!

So let’s talk about what a Virgo full moon means. If you guessed that it’s a good time to clean the house, declutter and organize, you would be right. Virgo is also the sign of health and the mind-body connection. So it’s also a great time to have healing work done, as well as refine your diet and fitness program. Because the ground is still fertile from the eclipse cycle, you can make these changes more easily now. And more points to you if you made progress over the last month or so in these areas.

And if you notice, the two-week period in which these changes can be made and solidified takes us right to the doorstep of the Mercury retro storm. Oftentimes, Mercury retro can trigger regressions, but if you’ve built a solid practice, this will be more easily avoided.

We talked a little about the lucky Venus/Jupiter trine that is captured in the full moon chart, but let’s not forget that Venus is the planet of love, so those of you looking for love could find it, although Pisces transits can be a little tricky, so keep your eyes open for pretenders.

Anyway, I would say this is a pretty favorable time overall. If you want to look at how these transits affect you, let’s talk! (619) 275-1731.

Full Moon Blessings,