We’re gearing up for a time of real reckoning with heavy-hitters Saturn (karma, responsibility) and Pluto (power, transformation) on track to come together in January, preceded by a solar eclipse on Christmas Day. So tomorrow’s full moon will be an important one, giving us a taste of what is to come, and a nudge to finish up the business of 2019 so that we are ready for the big changes to come in 2020.

Yes, changes are coming, and when I see aspects that point to this kind of movement in a client’s chart, I tell them that it’s time to get in the driver’s seat in a big way, because we want to be at the wheel when this kind of change is happening. We want to have a plan and be working that plan in advance of the big transits.

Tomorrow’s full moon is a precursor to these changes. We will get a peek at where the chips are likely to fall in our own lives and the larger world. While a Gemini moon is all about mental processes, a Sagittarius sun is about expansion, seeing the big-picture, and moving with it. Pay attention this full moon, and in the two weeks to come. What is going on in your life? What nudges or warnings are you seeing? What is flowing and what is not flowing so well? Where does your focus need to change? And what does the world you want to live in look like? How are you creating that world right now?

This full moon will be an energetic one, giving you the fuel you need to finish up what needs to be done before moving on with the new year’s plans. And if you let it, it will bring some optimism. Use it to clarify your vision. Yes, there is always some tension around a full moon. Again, I say pay attention to it. Venus, the planet of love and money is squeezed between heavy hitters Saturn and Pluto, so tensions in your love life or finances may be apparent. A good question to ask is: How can I meet this challenge in a new way? And the good news is that you won’t be short on ideas. Aside from the squishy conjunction I just mentioned, and of course the sun-moon opposition, this full moon is mostly positive aspects. So if you’re flexible, a quality of both Gemini and Sagittarius, you can achieve a lot.

Looking forward, December 25 will bring a solar eclipse, which will give us more momentum if we’re already moving purposefully, and a dose of Capricornian reality. Don’t be scared of this, but do use it to correct course and/or put some foundations under your castles. If your birthday is around this time, hold on to your hat, it will be a big year. Seriously, let’s talk.

Preparation is a key word for this time. Look back at what you intended for this year. While you probably won’t be able to squeeze it all into the next two weeks, now is a good time to ask yourself which of those things are still important to you, and what can you do now to move toward them decisively.

And if you want to know where all this excitement is landing in your chart, and how you can get a jump on the changes to come in 2020, give me a call.



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