I love a new moon. It’s like a giant, reset button in the sky. But like a new moon, the button looks just like the rest of the sky, so many people miss this opportunity to see this time as a new beginning. I don’t care where you are, it has been a strange time, and the strangeness is not over, but a new moon can bring hope and changes into the mix.

Especially if you took my advice about releasing blockages in the time following the Scorpio full moon, you should be ready to affect some nice changes that will bring your game up to the next level.

But aren’t a lot of planets retrograde right now?

Yep, but we can still move forward.

I’ll start with Pluto. A Pluto retrograde makes it easier to do your spiritual work. It often gives that needed pause between stimulus and reaction. Spiritual learning and concepts can be easier to grasp, and often old patterns of belief and behavior can be transcended simply because they are seen for what they are.

Saturn being retro can be helpful for personal review in much the same way. Looking at what hasn’t worked in the past can lead us to better decisions. And Saturn is in harmonious aspect to the sun/moon conjunction,, so working in a disciplined, organized fashion could be highly beneficial and simpler to achieve.

Jupiter’s retro may delay financial or other rewards, but usually doesn’t cancel them out. Some projects may be shelved for a while, but that is usually for good reason. Perhaps all the information is not in yet. This one can test our patience, particularly if we think we’ve waited long enough already. But if we’re willing to trust intuitive information and realize what is flowing and what is not rather than trying to force outcomes, all will be well in the long run.

Venus retro might throw a few curveballs into your love life, and maybe finances too, as Venus rules both love and money, but most of this can be mitigated by pausing before speaking or purchasing. Yes, this may be harder to do with Venus in talkative, multitasking Gemini, but as in a Mercury retro, most mistakes will also be reversible during this time, although this will require more work, time and/or apology.

And speaking of Mercury retro, that’s not going to happen until June 18, and since this is arguably the most irritating retrograde, we still have time to get stuff done before it touches down.

As always, the two weeks following a new moon are the best for launching new projects. With the new moon in mental, sociable Gemini, this one is all about reaching out, embarking on educational pursuits, writing, social media, and all means of communication.

Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Gemini, which is, even in spite of the Venus retro, good for socializing and connecting with others for business and networking.

And Jupiter is still near enough to Pluto is affect lucky changes in career and overall achievement. Looking for ways to better yourself and build your personal power is especially favored now.

A few cautions: beware of smooth-talking suitors and salespeople,and ads that promise too much. And while a little daydreaming is mostly harmless, try to channel it into action rather than overindulge in wishful thinking. Neptune’s square to both Venus and Mercury can make us susceptible to trickery in love and finance.

Finally, try to use this time to help in affecting the change you wish to see in the world in whatever way you see fit. Meditate on what is true for you, then find a way to be part of that change.

And speaking of making positive changes, here is a great place to start. I will be hosting a New Moon Circle on May 22 at 6:00 p.m. pacific via Zoom. Admission will be a $20 donation to Feeding America. Please email me to RSVP.



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