Yes, this eclipse throws another monkey wrench into the tricky Mercury retro in Gemini fray, and for those already plagued by confusion or delusion, there is more reason for concern, yet this eclipse has the potential to bring to light the source of any suffering and light the way to solutions.

This eclipse (3:53 a.m. pacific, Thursday, June 10) occurs at 19 degrees Gemini, and it pulls a creative and mischievous Gemini retro Mercury into the mix, for better or worse, which means that there will be a little of both. As always, how any individual is affected will depend a lot on where these planets fall in their unique charts, but it’s safe to say that those with birthdays close to this date, (as well as in significant angles to this date) are in for a wild ride courtesy of the eclipse.

If you got rocked a bit by the last eclipse, and were able to learn from your actions and reactions around that time (the Sagittarius lunar eclipse occurred on May 26), you are in a good place to build on your success by putting what you learned into action.

Generally, a solar eclipse is about new beginnings and moving forward. But what do you do when the eclipse happens in the middle of a Mercury retro?

Well, my general rule of thumb for Mercury retro is that you can move forward, but you must be moved by Spirit to do so. So if the angels are trumpeting, yes, by all means move boldly and decisively. But if you’re trying to make something happen, this would be a good time to sit tight and ask to be moved before moving. Trust me, it will save you a lot of heartache and trouble in the long run.

And if you read my last article, or have been paying attention to what I’ve been saying about 2021, you’ll know that you will want to be flexible rather than controlling in this year of fixed-sign jostling for power. Don’t force it. Flow with it.

One reason for this is the dominant Aquarian energies that this year rode in on. The year of the Ox began with a huge Aquarian conjunction, preceded by another high-profile Aquarian conjunction (Saturn and Jupiter). And another reason is the fixed sign square between Saturn and Uranus that makes its mark in both eclipse charts.

So look at what you’ve been “fixed” on, if only in your mind. This is the thing that you’ve been telling yourself has to happen, and not only that, it has to happen in a particular way. And when you know what this is, or even if you don’t, but know that you’re feeling stuck in receiving something that you want, it’s a good time to have a ceremony in which you hand it over to the Universe. This can be as simple as saying a prayer or pronouncement such as “I relinquish my need to control X, and turn it over to you”. Then remind yourself of this release whenever you feel like picking up the controls again.

Yep, there is going to be drama. People will want to fight, maybe it’s already happening. I headed off a little skirmish with my husband yesterday that could have escalated into angry discussion territory. He is very sensitive to the moon, as am I. Poor thing is a Taurus with an Aquarius moon and Leo rising, so lots of fixed energy. Stubborn people will have the most difficulty right now. Not saying he’s stubborn (Ok, maybe a little). But the important thing is that you are flexible, and quick to step out of the line of fire.

And if it’s the boss that is triggering you, don’t let your ego lead you into battle. Retreat and strategize. Go in later with a cool head, ideally after Mercury goes direct (June 22, though if you really want to be safe, wait until it exits the storm on the 29th).

The exception to this is if you are guided to say something. This will feel more peaceful in your body, even if it is a difficult or sensitive topic. If you feel grounded and centered, you could actually make headway. But if in doubt, it would be best to meditate on it first.

One of the more interesting aspects caught in this new moon’s chart is a sextile between Venus and Uranus which could bring swift justice, or a romantic adventure, maybe even love at first sight. Creativity will also be enhanced with this one, so artists and writers should set aside some time to get in the zone.

Words, both spoken and written, will be more powerful now. Intentions spoken aloud and with conviction can create powerful manifestations now. Declare what you want to be so. Do this publicly and confidently. Social media is a great tool for magnifying the good in your life, although there is much potential for misunderstanding and argument as well, so be mindful.

As always, if you would like to find out where these powerful energies fall in your chart, and how to work with the prevailing energies to maximize success, let’s talk.

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