Well, we’ve made it through the 3-eclipse cycle, a Mercury retro and a Pluto retro. So it’s time to get moving on all the things we said we wanted to complete by the end of the year! Here’s how to maximize your effectiveness…

Go drama-free till the end of the year. Seriously.

I don’t know about you, but for me that means I’m done with politics. Unless I have something nice to post about it, I’m going to try very hard not to post, argue or or debate about politics (Although I might not be able to refrain from writing poems about it). In fact, I just may send in my ballot earlier to be done with it

Going drama-free, like going gluten-free, is a good idea almost always. But right now, with challenging Mars/Pluto/Uranus aspects, it’s even more advisable.

In fact, speaking softly with inner strength will benefit you tremendously more than being contrary or antagonistic.

And remember that list you made at the beginning of the year, about all the things you wanted to accomplish this year? Or if you’ve been heeding my advice, the list you just updated at the Vernal Equinox a few weeks back?

Well, now’s the time to get out that list and post it on your actual wall. Mars is in achievement-oriented Capricorn, so you can really move ahead now, particularly on career goals.

And if you have strong earth placements in your chart, all the better.

Just beware of triggering distractions. The news might even get more interesting and things on the political scene might even get nuttier (as if we needed that).

And if you’re too passionate about politics to give it up, maybe it’s time to work hard to bring about the change you want to see in the world, as Gandhi once famously said, just try to emulate Gandhi in his detachment and mindfulness.

Also, as far as ambition goes, it’s in abundance now. Try to work quietly in the background. There will be a time to jump on stage, but it probably isn’t right now. Those who toot their own horns now won’t get too far.

Remember, we’re still under the influence of the full moon until October 30, which means completion, release, and de-toxing, de-cluttering and taking some time to recharge and refresh.

We’ve also got some lucky days coming up. Check out my Facebook page for the next one (hint: it’s soon!)