A number of things have happened, planet-wise, in the past few weeks that may have helped you to move forward with a stronger sense of purpose, such as Saturn (not to mention Mars and Mercury) going direct, and a full moon cycle to cap off the turbulent 3-eclipse cycle that shook things up for many in July and August.

And you may already have the wind beneath your sails. I hope so, but if not, there’s more good news on the horizon.

But I want to talk about today, Tuesday, for a moment. Those of you who like my page Astrology by Jackleen on Facebook already got the heads up: today we have the third, final Mars/Uranus showdown of the year, and it will most likely (yesterday, today or tomorrow) bring up an old problem to be solved in a new way, however if it doesn’t bring any problems, you might want to meditate on what has been your biggest problem lately, and how might a new perspective shed light on the solution. Then actively ask for the guidance from the person you will be once the change has already been made. I know it sounds a bit wild, but with unconventional Uranus transiting, wild and weird can really work.

And the second bit of good news this week? Fall comes in for a landing. Even if you don’t like all things pumpkin flavored, you’re probably ready for this change. Not only is it the change of seasons, but an opportunity for a new start, and a time to look at the overall balance of your life energies.

Where have you been giving too much? Not enough? On Saturday, September 22, the sun moves into Libra, which is the sign of balance, as well as many other lovely things: justice, partnership and beauty, to name a few.

And speaking of Libra, Mercury enters the sign of the scales on Friday, which should make communications nicer for the most part. The weekend could also get romantic, as Mercury and Mars form a trine on Saturday.

Next Monday, we’ve got an Aries full moon. This is the Harvest moon, as it’s the full moon nearest the equinox. Saturn figures prominently in this moon’s chart, so work with Saturn, and do what needs to be done. This full moon and the 2 weeks following it will be one of the best times of the year to bring completion to those projects, relationships and situations nearing their natural end. We’ll talk more about this soon. Keep an eye on Facebook for more insights and updates.

I actually think that this week can be a wonderful portal to change. I’m hoping that you all take this to heart, and think about how you can pour more of your love, balance, beauty and justice into the world. Sometimes, as Libra knows, getting to peace sometimes requires a little drama. Don’t be afraid to shake things up now if you are hearing the call to change coming from the heart.



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