Today’s new moon is the first new moon of the your, and if you took my advice about working toward greater self-discipline and letting go of unwanted habits after the full moon of January 1, and you’re making even mild progress, then you’ll be ready to move forward powerfully with the Capricorn new moon that comes in tonight!

It’s a Capricorn new moon with a Venus conjunction, which can be really helpful in the arenas of love and money, if you play your cards right.

And during this moon cycle, especially the next two weeks, playing your cards right means playing in a routine, orderly and integral manner. Remember, Saturn just moved into its home sign of Capricorn, and there are three other planets plus the sun and moon in the sign of the goat now. That means the early bird, and the smart-working, disciplined bird will be getting the worms. Self-control and delayed gratification rule the day. And that is going to be the rule for quite some time. As a Capricorn myself, I feel reassured by this, especially since chaos has been reigning on the national stage.

But this new moon is an important one for another reason. It’s the new moon preceding both an eclipse cycle (think: big changes) and the lunar new year! We’ll talk more in future posts about how the character of the year will change on February 16 as we move from fire rooster to earth dog. But the main thing to know is that we are entering a time that is very malleable to change. So get in the driver’s seat. Write out your intentions for the next month, and if you’ve already written your intentions for the year, go over that again and see if you are drawn to make any changes.

Then get in action. One thing I love about this new moon is that Venus is very prominent, which can be great news for your relationships and finances. So be in the business of connection and fostering relationships this month. And any moves toward better money and resource management will go a long way.

The eclipse cycle kicks off on January 31, with a powerful Leo full moon. Expect drama. On the upside, this eclipse will bring a lot of people into their most purposeful work. Being the change you want to see in the world will increase your chances of moving ahead powerfully. The question to work toward now with this eclipse cycle in mind is: how can I play a bigger game? If this means being of service to humanity as a performer or an activist, all the better. Start working toward it now, even if you don’t see the whole picture. Watch what you are drawn to do, and begin walking in that direction.

New Moon Blessings,