We’re approaching that time of the year again, the real new year. 

I don’t know about you, but the “…three, two, one…nothing” countdown ritual around midnight on January 1 never did it for me. 

But maybe that’s because the energy of the year doesn’t really change until the Lunar New Year that happens this year on January 31 or February 1 depending on where you’re celebrating it.

This year, it’s going to be a big change, since we’re shifting from the plodding, stop-start energy of the Ox year to the dynamic, speedy Tiger year.

This is really good news, especially if you haven’t yet gotten the payoff you’ve been expecting from all the hard work you did in the Ox year. Hold on a bit longer (and definitely keep on crushing it work-wise in the remaining weeks of the Ox year), it just may be forthcoming in the year of the Tiger.

As I mentioned, things tend to accelerate and power up in the Tiger year. In fact, some people may be uncomfortable with the pace and demands of this coming year.

This Tiger year will be in the water element, which adds a softness and sensitivity to the normally brusque, logical Tiger energy. Balance is good, and this makes for an easier transition from the Ox year, especially for those who are more introverted and/or empathic.

The Tiger likes communication, writing, technology and loves to travel. And even if the economic weirdness isn’t completely over, people will tend to be less miserly in the Tiger year. So this is good news for the business-folk among you.

Change is a key word in the coming year. Be flexible and always have a Plan B. And whatever you do, don’t try to hold onto anything (or anyone) too tightly. A good question to ask yourself is”  “Am I holding onto this out of fear or emotional attachment?” If so, loosen your grip. Believe in the old adage that who and what is meant for you will remain.

Be proactive.  “What is the next step in my career?” would be a good question to ask, then take steps toward creating that—even if everything is going well in your current position or business. I’m not saying your job won’t be secure. It’s just not a good idea to get too comfortable in Tiger years.

If you want to travel, move or make a career change, there’s a good chance this can happen for you, yes, even in spite of what’s going on now. While we’re still in the OX year, visualize it and research ways to make it happen. And once the Tiger year is upon us, be willing to think outside the box and to move very quickly when you feel compelled to do so.

If you’re single, this year might be better for taking things—and people—lightly and playing the field, rather than latching onto one partner too quickly or letting them latch onto you. Commitment could be elusive for some, although people born in the Dog and Horse years are in their element and may do very well in romance as well as friendships and business endeavors.

However, since we’re still in the relatively stable Ox year, if you know you are with the right person, it may be time to deepen your commitment and have that relationship talk to so that you start the unpredictable Tiger year on stable footing.

If you’ve know me for any length of time, you’ll know that your Zodiac sign does not by itself guarantee a good year. It’s how well you play the Tiger’s game. So if you naturally move fast and enjoy technology and change, good for you, you’re already well on your way. If not, now’s a good time to start trying on these qualities in small ways, and testing your comfort zone a bit more in preparation.

Overall, Tiger years can be fun.  Just don’t take anything too seriously.  Play with technology and choose something you’ve wanted to learn for a while and take a class or go back to school for something that really inspires you. In any year, I’m an advocate of  meditating and following your intuition, though in a Tiger year, this is even more crucial.  Fast decisions made from an inner knowing are favored over slow ones complete with hemming and hawing. If you have to think too much or list the pros and cons, the answer’s probably no. A good new year’s resolution for this year would be to become both more spontaneous and decisive, which almost sounds like a contradiction, although if you master this skill, you will be well on your way to rocking the tiger swagger that will set you apart in the coming year.

And in case you missed my previous mini-article, here are some pre-Tiger tips to get yourself ready for the new year! I’ve modified them and added one, so even if you did read it, check these out.

Three Things You Can Do to Set Yourself Up for Success in the Year of the Tiger

  • Obtain a small statuette of a Tiger and one of your own lunar Zodiac animal (make sure they’re of comparable size). On the first day of the lunar new year, you’ll place them side by side, facing east. This will bring you luck in the new year.
  • Get as much practical stuff done as possible while we’re in the Ox year. That will free you to move faster and be more adventurous in the Tiger year, while satisfying the Ox, who appreciates and rewards the boring stuff like taxes, planning and other housekeeping matters. Clean house. Get rid of as much clutter and Ox-year dirt and grime as you can. You will want to start out the new year as unburdened as possible.
  • Buy some new clothes specifically to wear on new year’s day (January 31 for those of us on pacific time, February 1 for easterners). And on that note, make plans to celebrate the new year. This is good advice for any year, but the Tiger in particular likes to be celebrated.

As always, if you would like to maximize your success in the Tiger Year, please call me to schedule your new year’s reading, 1 hour or ½ hour with astrology.  Find out what your major themes are this year and where to direct your precious time and energy. (619) 275-1731.

And don’t forget: I’ve got another Moon Circle Series coming up! It starts on January 17. This one includes the Lunar New Year, and is the perfect way to celebrate it!

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