Thursday’s 5 degree Leo full moon (9:54 a.m.) ushers in what can be a very productive, if dramatic, two-week period, and officially brings us to the tail end of the rabbit Year.

Yeah, I know many of you have been feeling it already. Yep, the tail end often brings us, well, what the tail end of any animal brings.

But this is a special full moon because it gives us the opportunity to let go of unhelpful habits, release those things that have held us back, and notice triggers and other persistent negative beliefs and patterns, and shift our reactions to them.

Bottom line: it’s a dramatic Leo full moon, and many of us are bound to feel things we don’t want to feel at times we don’t want to feel them. Knowing this can bring us more freedom, acceptance, and the ability to transcend in the moment.

It’s also a lucky full moon, as Jupiter, the planet of luck is the most-aspected planet in the chart of the lunation. And you may recall that any aspect to Jupiter can be lucky, from the moon/sun Jupiter t-square, which may present many of us with opportunities to respond more powerfully to that which hurts our feelings, as well as bring us luck in unexpected and often inconvenient ways (don’t rush to judgment!), to the lovely Venus/Jupiter trine that presents us with an appetizer of good fortune just before the main course.

Saturn and Jupiter are also in friendly aspect, which may bring rewards for work done in the past, and/or opportunities from people we’ve worked with in the past. Watch who you are drawn to contact over the next two weeks, and follow through on it. This can also bring rewards faster than we expect.

Another notable aspect in this lunation’s chart is that of the sun conjunct Pluto. Pluto, as you may know, is all about power and transformation. What kind of transformation are you trying to affect now? Act as if everything that happens is ultimately in support of this shift. Put it all through the filter of “How is this contributing to my goal of becoming ________?” Yes, this will often feel uncomfortable, as the moon (emotions, sensitivity) is on the opposite side of this.

Relationships will be benefited now, both by lovely gestures AND opportunities to work through one or more persistent problems. Yep, look for these challenges to touch down, especially when the moon is nearest to full.

Writing, speaking and posting publicly are supported now, and many of your public communications will have the desired result. Make sure you are coming from your passion, but also take a breath and connect with your higher self before making anything public. Yes, this is good advice anytime, but Mars and Mercury conjunct can be reactive, and with Uranus in aspect, although positive, I predict that we will see a lot of instances where people go too far and have meltdowns go viral (yeah, yeah, I know, what else is new?)

But above all, use the energy and momentum of the full moon to release, reduce, eliminate and shift in preparation for all the lovely things you want to create in the year of the dragon. I will be writing more on the transformation from the quiet, industrious rabbit to the bold, brave and dramatic dragon. Stay tuned.

So what placements do you have from 0-10 degrees, particularly in Leo or other fire signs? And where is Jupiter (currently at 6 degrees Taurus) ramping up the good luck in your chart? Let’s see how you can maximize your luck, abundance and success. Let’s talk!

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