My daughter is a Leo, with all the fun Leo bells and whistles: charisma, generosity, and a flair for the theatrical that undoubtably came from her Leo grandma. As a Capricorn, I’m not one for high drama, but I’ve known enough Leos and Leo-affiliated folks to know that it comes standard. And my little lioness does have the ability to tone it down a bit for teachers and friends, thereby saving most of the drama for her mama. And speaking of dramatics, this Leo full moon (Saturday, February 8 at 11:33 pacific) should prove interesting, especially since we’ve got  a prickly Pisces Mercury retro coming up quickly on its heels.

And there is nothing like this volatile combo to stir up the intrigue. Now’s a good time to start paying particular attention to your communications and especially the emotion underlying how you communicate. And even if you clarify and purify your motives, it’s likely that you’ll still be misunderstood. But mindfulness will go a long way when everyone else is losing their heads. Being privy to the knowledge of what’s going on is power. But don’t try to explain it, especially if the other person’s mind is not open to it. In fact, while we’re on the subject, you’re probably not going to be able to use your intellect to convince anyone to change their minds during this time, so it’s best not to push. People believe emotionally, so only arguments that fall in line with their emotional  belief structures will have any impact.

Why is this? Well, Mercury has just moved into the emotional, intuitive sign of Pisces. And during this time, thought processes are more strongly based on feelings, cravings, and illusion than facts and reason. And Mercury will go retro in Pisces, extending its somewhat uncomfortable stay in the sign of the fish for the next two months. The truth will suffer a bit (more) under this influence, and escapist activities may seem more attractive than reality. All the more reason to be mindful and stay as grounded and centered as possible.

While the Mercury retro will begin officially on February 16, it feels like it’s already here to me. If you’re feeling this, too, it’s probably a sign that you’ll be particularly sensitive to this one. So build in some self-care, downtime, creative activity, and a reward system for getting boring stuff done. Mercury retro in Pisces would rather be daydreaming than working, and may affect your concentration. Meditate and take frequent breaks. The retro officially ends on March 9, but let’s give it until the 19th to get fully back online. Oh, and don’t forget to be extra alert on the aforementioned dates, as the days Mercury changes direction can be the trickiest days in the cycle.

Ok, back to the full moon. I’ve mentioned that it might bring some drama, but fun is the order of the day with Leo, so there could be a few joyful adventures over the next two weeks as well. Spend time with children or attend to creative pursuits. Full moons are usually good for starting habits of elimination, and this one is no exception, but cravings and emotional responses will be more pronounced now, so notice these and shine the light on them rather than letting them fly under the radar. Don’t try to change too many big habits at once. That’s a good rule of thumb anytime, but especially now with heavy emo influences it may be best to focus on small changes, and try not to be too rigid or unforgiving about the habits you’re trying to shift.

Saturn and Pluto are still conjunct, though less close than these two heavy-hitters have been recently, or than they will be in the future. So take some breaks, indulge in a little daydreaming, but use it to envision and plan. Whatever your work, there will be more of it up ahead. Remember we are in a rat year now, and a rat year is a year of industry. Take this time to set big goals if you haven’t already. Then get the foundations under your castles. And if your castles look a little like revolution, or creating a better world for all of us, all the better. This is a good time to be spurred into action. The Leo/Aquarius combo is all about passion and purpose. And the Pisces Mercury retro can get us thinking outside the box. Pay attention to your dreams and hunches. Go in the direction of the slight leaning, the thing that feels more alive and joyful to you, and it will lead to the next one.

The next new moon will be in Pisces on February 23. This one will be a bit of relief, I predict from the craziness we’re likely to see over the next two weeks.Although Mercury will still be retro, the planets in Pisces will bring a little more harmony, love and agreement to the table. We’ll talk more about that soon. San Diego locals: I’ll be having a New Moon Circle on the 23rd. See below for all the details!



(619) 275-1731

New Moon Circle – Sunday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m.

I’m having a New Moon Circle on the evening of Sunday, February 23 to celebrate the Pisces New Moon!

Here are the details: We’ll discuss planetary happenings for the month, including the tricky Pisces Mercury retro, and how to navigate the cosmic weather. We’ll talk and how to use the Pisces  new moon and accompanying transits to realize your heart’s desires! I  will also be offering a special gift for those attendees who book a  session with me. We’ll do a fabulous energy-enhancing manifestation circle and talk about how each of the signs can best navigate the upcoming transits. We’ll have refreshments and snacks.

Date: Sunday, February 23 at 6:30 p.m. The circle will last about 2 hours.
 Where: My house in San Diego (Clairemont area). RSVP  to to reserve your spot. I will limit this circle to 12 participants, so please let me know soon if you plan to attend.
 Donation: $20.