With the Uranus/Saturn square which has deviled us for most of 2021 loosening its grip, this Leo full moon (Wednesday, 8:56 a.m.) will be less tense and dramatic than most full moons, especially in recent memory. In fact, the tensest aspect in this moon’s chart is the sun/moon opposition itself. And one aspect may actually bring harmony in relationships.

That would be a Mars/Venus conjunction, which can spark romance, deepen connections and oftentimes smooth out the rough edges at work and among others in general. Mars and Venus both in Capricorn may have co-workers seeking solutions that benefit all parties, or partners moving toward greater commitment.

But there is a little twist. The Mars/Venus conjunction forms a trine to inventive, disruptive Uranus. A trine is a favorable aspect, so if old tensions do arise, so might innovative or sudden solutions. Brilliant ideas can occur at the right moment to benefit both parties. If you feel the same-old full moon argument arising, know that it has come up in order to be dealt with in a new way. Be flexible and keep your reactions in check. Lean into what you normally shy away from. Be willing to consider new options, techniques and approaches to harmony and mutual fulfillment.

Luck is also highlighted in this full moon chart. Don’t rush to judgment, because with the aspect I just mentioned in addition to the full moon itself, good luck may come from seeming bad luck. Breathe, slow down your reactions, and ask “For what might this be good”. Try to see frustrations from a higher vantage point.

Mercury recently went direct and is now out of its storm period, so communications can be more effective now. And with the planet of communication and commerce newly in Aquarius, It’s a good time to use social media and other forms of mass communication to amplify your message and connect with your people.

If you are a writer, its a good time to put your work out into the world. But this is true for all means of communication. Publishing and advertising are favored as well.

Leo, much like the Tiger, likes to have fun, be generous and get on stage. No matter your astrological affiliations, doing these things can be highly beneficial

And for those to whom fun, play and adventure aren’t always second-nature, lighter states of being will be more accessible now. Enjoy this time and build your muscles in this area. The intention to have fun will bring the right conditions more easily now. Don’t focus on perfection now (Yep, I’m talking to my fellow Virgo moon and sun peeps).

But do remember that we will be in a waning moon period for the next two weeks following Wednesday’s full moon. And the waning moon favors completions, or picking up old projects and dusting them off. Also, detoxing, de-cluttering, and all manner of release.

But there will definitely be exceptions. In fact, this full moon gives us greater leeway if we do feel impelled to start or launch something, as we have just entered a no-retro-zone, with all planets now moving direct. Whoo-hoo!

So listen to the hunches, insights, and leanings that arise now. Balance work and play, and keep your eye out for the brilliant ideas that are swirling around.

Let’s talk about how all of this is sparking your unique chart, and how to maximize your success by working with (rather than against) planetary happenings to up-level and upgrade your life!



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