One of the reasons I love writing these articles is that I never know what will come out. I take a look at the chart of the lunation (new or full moon), note the important planetary interactions, then it’s off to the races. And I find that if I take my own advice over the next two weeks, things generally go pretty well.

In my last article, a particular passage struck me as something I should heed. It was the part about the phone being there for me, not the person who was calling. I’m the one that pays the phone bill, right? So why would I answer it at a time that was inconvenient for me, or if I saw someone calling that I didn’t want to talk to. I’ve gotten pretty good at this over the years, so I didn’t really take my own intuition to heart. Oh dear! The drama that ensued. Well, I can’t say I wasn’t warned. LOL.

So needless to say, that one stays in effect as we move into the next couple of weeks, along with my no-email-on-Sunday policy, especially since communications will continue to be fraught with drama over the next two weeks, as Mercury is one of the power-players in this new moon’s chart.

The moon is new at 6:50 a.m. pacific on Sunday, August 8. Those of you with birthdays around this time, as well as Leo moon folks (especially around the 16th degree of Leo where the sun/moon conjunction occurs), will be blessed with some happy fortune in the next few weeks, and into the coming year.

I’m hearing this one referred to as the “lion’s gate”. What is happening here is certain astrologers are factoring in numerology, using the 8/8 marker as particularly successful or fortunate. I’m no numerologist, but I do know enough to point out that if you’re using numerology, it’s best to use the full date. 8/8/2021 reduces to 3, which is good for creativity, fertility, and family life. So I guess that could make it a nice day. 8 in numerology is hard work, so if you want to factor that in, it will probably be even better. Bringing action and willingness to work for it to the above-mentioned areas will boost your chances of success.

Another reason we’re hearing extra buzz around this new moon is that the earth and fixed star Sirius are aligning. Sirius is the brightest star, which adds extra power to the Leo sun/moon conjunction, and can make this a great time for manifesting your intentions. Dream big at this new moon, but then, to loosely paraphrase Goethe, build the foundations around your castles. By far the best way to manifest your desires is to create a knowing assurance within yourself that your order has been received, and to live into it. (Need help in this, it’s a great time to have a Vision Attraction Session?)

As I keep mentioning, every single one of us will be offered the opportunity to up-level this year. If you haven’t already had a couple of transformations (fancy word for those shifts in perception that make a world of difference), and especially if you have, be on the lookout for your (next) invitation.

And yes, we are all going to be offered the chance to go off our rockers as well. So notice how you’ve been tempted to spin out over the last two weeks. We’ll definitely see some echoes of that. And just for good measure, maybe study up on a handful of your triggers and be prepared to pivot in the moment.

Leo is the best sun sign, so if you were born under the sign of Leo, congrats. But if you’re reading this, I’d be willing to bet that your moon sign is even more important. As I mentioned in my last article, I have come to believe that the moon sign is the highest expression of oneself, or in Freudian terms, the superego, whereas the sun is the ego, and the ascendant the id. So learn about your moon. It will tell you all about purpose, talents and how to live your best life. The sun will tell you what kind of energy to bring to that, and how to best go about your plan. The ascendant will tell you which pitfalls will arise, and what to aspire to.

Knowing where the moon is at any time will help focus your activities. Find an astrological calendar that resonates with you. When the moon is in your moon sign, take extra good care of yourself, meditate more, eat lightly or fast, and invite spiritual insights and experiences.

But back to what’s going on now. Sunday’s new moon will contain the harmony and respite that new moons commonly bring, but you might just have to do a little work to carve that out for yourself. Do it. It will be worth the effort. Get a massage, take a bath or just close the door behind you for a while.

It’s a very active new moon, as Leo is an active sign. And all the planets are interacting, so everyone will have an opinion and an agenda. So get clear on yours, as well as your boundaries. At the same time, be open to the idea that others may often have better ideas, or that your answer will come from someone else. Spirit works that way, too. Be flexible, as Uranus, Saturn and the sun/moon are in a loose t-square combination, and we’ve got a few oppositions ramping up the tension as well.

Adding to the disruptive quality of this lunation, we’ve got a lot of retrograde outer planets, the first of which I will mention is Pluto. When Pluto retros, spiritual growth is like shooting fish in a barrel. Which means that the insight is within reach if you go for it, but it also means that the triggers that bring on spiritual growth and transformation will also be plentiful.

Jupiter also has been retro for a while, but it plays into this new moon chart, as it opposes Mercury, which ties it into a loose opposition will the sun/moon conjunction. Don’t promise more than you can deliver now, or talk too big in general, as your words may come back to haunt you. Mars is also loosely opposed, which means try not to overdo it physically, either.

Saturn’s retro, too, can weaken its power for a time. I liken this is the boss being away. But with the Saturn/ Uranus square, I wouldn’t throw a big party, as there are many ways the authorities can find out what’s going on. Because Saturn is so prominent this year, and for the foreseeable future, I would make friends with routine and discipline, or at least begin to introduce a little more accountability into your workday, even and especially if you are your own boss.

Uranus will go retro on August 20, which will have us revising a lot of what we thought we knew, both individually and collectively. There will be many turning points around this time, and as we head into an eventful full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd. The word for this is reckoning. And it will be another opportunity to accept the Age of Aquarius invitation to up-level. Let’s start now. Be love. Embrace change.



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