The first thing that came to mind when I looked at the chart of tomorrow’s new moon (7:42 p.m. pacific, Tuesday, August 18) is that it is almost perfect in the way it configures, which means it will give most of us a pretty good printout of the energy we are putting into the world.

Let me explain. As you may know, a new moon’s chart tends toward harmony, as the sun and moon are conjunct, unlike the opposition that is inherent in a full moon’s chart. At the new moon, all is well between the two major players, the sun and moon, so mostly, you have to go elsewhere to look for the source of the tension. In the case of this new moon chart, it was pretty easy to spot. Mars, in this chart, is at the crux of the drama.

Mars is the masculine planet of energy and aggression. Mars is all about action. It rules the fiery sign of Aries, which is the sign it currently occupies. This, in itself is pretty good news. With Mars in Aries, what you see is usually what you get. If Aries is aggressive, it comes by it honestly, as Mars is its ruler. Mars in Aries knows what it wants and goes after it.

But Mars is at the center of the dramatic tension in tomorrow’s chart because it aspects the most planets in the chart, some nicely, and others not so nicely.

So let’s talk about the good news first. Mars in Aries trines the sun/moon conjunction and Mercury, in Leo. Mars is masculine, which means he is a giver of energy. The sun, moon and Mercury are personal planets, representing the immediate and closest influences. Most of us would do well to focus on giving our gifts of time, money, work and attention to those things that reflect our best self (sun) and ignite our good emotions (moon). If Mars focuses positively, communications will strengthen bonds and cement opportunities. If he works toward the right things, and with his heart in the right place, he will achieve success.

Now, for the more difficult aspects. Squares are challenging configurations, and Mars squares both Saturn and Pluto, and, by extension, Jupiter.

To me, this says that things beyond one’s control, such as the boss’ bad attitude (Saturn) or dissatisfaction with the powers-that-be (Saturn and Pluto) are not how we should focus our energies for the most part. Again, the lesson of focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t want arises. I am seeing a lot of social media posts that focus on the bad behavior of those in power, not offering solutions, but just pointing at it, venting about it, and thus adding to that power, and the collective frustration with it at the same time! I’m not saying we need to accept bad behavior from those in authority, far from it. But the question to ask now is: how can I positively affect this situation? If you offer a post or tweet about something you don’t like, be sure to offer a remedy. Same thing goes in your relationships. If you don’t like what someone is doing, focus on the solution that you would like.

Jupiter, by virtue of its conjunction with Pluto, is pulled into the mix as well. Jupiter is the planet of a bunch of good things: luck, travel, expansion, education. But when it’s negatively aspected, it can turn to greed, excess or obsession. Jupiter, negatively aspected, overreaches, or focuses on unattainable things to the detriment of what can be obtained.

This could be an issue in the area of romance, as Jupiter also opposes Venus, the feminine love planet. When our love planets are adversely aspected in this way, we are more vulnerable to flashy suitors who are low on substance, or believing what we want to believe to the detriment of truth. Venus also rules money, so the temptation to overspend (particularly on beautiful things or products promising more beauty) could also arise. And with the sun and moon in generous and indulgent Leo, the temptation is amplified.

In times like this, I rely on a method I call the Capricorn purchase, which will make it more likely that the purchase you are contemplating will bring true satisfaction and value for what you spend. When you find something you must have, but there is a budgetary concern, or a sense that it may or may not live up to the advertising hype, give yourself 24 hours to meditate on the purchase, without revisiting the advertising (and do take time to actually meditate at least once during this time). If you still feel as excited by the prospect of the purchase the next day, then it is likely that it will enrich your life beyond what you will spend.

But even with these challenges–most of which can be mastered by bringing the energy back home to what’s truly important, and not lashing out for the sake of lashing out, but using anger constructively–this is a good new moon. It will do what good new moons do, and bring relief and a sense of renewed purpose and effectiveness. It will be a good place from which to launch new projects and be inspired with new ideas and perspectives.

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