Sooo… yeah, even though it’s passed, the big news is still the big eclipse, or, to be fair, the eclipse cycle of summer 2017. And though it was the solar eclipse, or the “Great American Eclipse” on August 21 that got all the press, it’s really the lunar eclipse that shook things first, and got the energy going. And generally, the lunar eclipse is the harder-hitting of the two.

And while the eclipses affected everyone in different ways, I think the most important takeaway from this eclipse cycle is the way it brought out important truths, sometimes not in a pretty way, but nonetheless, after this cycle, quite a few cats were out of their bags.

I don’t know anyone in any serious relationship who hasn’t had a few issues come up, and as Mercury retro stepped in shortly after the lunar eclipse, things got even more interesting. And some relationships, of course, did not survive the cycle.

But we’re not here to talk about the past. The lasting effects of these eclipses are what we are after. Sometimes things must get bad in order to get better. We saw this happening across the globe, and are still seeing the aftereffects of this dramatic cycle.

Don’t take insights gleaned during this time lightly. If you’ve had a sense you should do more listening in your relationship, for example, or more to help out in the global community, now is the time to really put these lessons into practice. We have a Pisces full moon coming up on Wednesday (12:03 a.m), which will echo the lessons of the eclipse cycle, and bring many of them to completion within the next two weeks. It’s a perfect time to start new habits, particularly those rooted in caring for others.

And here’s some more good news about Mercury. Not only has it gone direct (watch out for direction-change shenanigans today and tomorrow), but it will transition from playful, dramatic Leo, to serious practical Virgo on Saturday. This is good news for Mercury, and the kind of efficiency it thrives on. So if you haven’t felt more industrious yet, productivity will be making a comeback soon.

More good news about Saturday: we’ve got a Sun-Pluto trine, which will make almost everyone feel more powerful and purposeful.

And we’ve got another relationship checkpoint next week, when Venus and Saturn aspect favorably on Tuesday. This is a good time for that relationship talk you may have been putting off till after the retrograde.

The bigger picture here? It’s all about love. Caring, giving, humanitarian work and charity. But remember the old adage: charity begins at home. Love yourself and be a force of love in the world.

Peace & Blessings