Tonight’s full moon (7:35 p.m. pacific) is a powerful one, as an ultra-dramatic Mars/Uranus square is caught in the mix, along with some other, more positive aspects, the coolest of which is a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, which can be a game-changer in a good way.

But let’s start with the challenges. If you are prepared for what could happen, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it. And let’s start at home, since that’s where most of us are right now, but for those of you still working, I mean that, too. If you’re in quarantine with others, this could be the most difficult week so far, as tensions have been building around us, and now we have a full moon with a difficult transit to contend with. The Mars/Uranus showdown brings sudden change and unexpected reactions into the arena. If you know that people may be more volatile now, and you prepare by making centeredness your first priority, this will go a long way in keeping the peace. Again, this applies to work as well.

Expect the unexpected. If you expect, kind of like during a Mercury retro, that things might be glitchy and people may be reactive, you will feel better whether or not glitches and tempers arise at any given moment. Be flexible and have a plan B. Yes, you’ve heard that from me before.

Take the news in smaller doses now. Yes, it’s important to be informed. Please choose your news sources carefully as well. When people are stressed and fearful, it’s easier to buy into things that aren’t verified or contain subtle (or not-so-subtle) bias. Truth is important now, more so than ever. Remember to think: is it true, is it kind, and is it helpful. These should guide you in your communications now, whether in-person, by text, phone, email or social media.

Yes, there will be dramatic, even horrifying world news now. Mars and Uranus together can bring out violent and irrational behavior from where it breeds. When you have to go out, be mindful and centered.

Take breaks and take mini-meditations throughout the day. Include those around you in this practice if possible. And perhaps talk to those around you about how you’ll handle conflicts and other disruptions that may arise.

OK, whew. Let’s get to the good news. On Saturday, there was a Jupiter/Pluto conjunction that is still exact enough to make a big difference in the larger picture of this full moon chart, which is just the snapshot of the sky at the moment of the full moon. It captures a few other cool connections, such as love goddess Venus in trine, a very favorable aspect, to both Mars and Saturn, which means, don’t worry, if you’re in a relationship that is based on mutual love and respect, it will weather this time and probably even come out stronger.

But back to Jupiter and Pluto. Yes, existing power structures have not been working that well for most people. It is a time when the playing field can be leveled to provide more opportunity for more people. Some jobs will be lost. Some industries will be adversely affected by this crisis, but others will prosper, and new industries, businesses, and jobs will be born, and we will, as a whole, be shown that some of our old habits can give way to new ideas and behaviors that are more effective and responsible.

On a personal level, it’s time to think about your role in this larger shift. And it’s a wonderful time to reinvent yourself, and make many changes to how you move through the world. How can you start being that change now?

This can mean using these powerful forces to create more discipline, and using that discipline to push yourself toward more powerful expression of purpose. Remember that a full moon and the two weeks following it is a good time to focus on eliminating that which is no longer useful or beneficial from your life. Release, reduce, rein in, and let go. Not that we’re not dong quite a bit of that already.

Yes, much of this will have you taking steps out of your comfort zone. That’s what transformation is all about. And make no mistake, this is a time of transformation. I’ve been talking a lot about the biggest transit of the year being the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that started 2020 with a bang, and will be lingering through the better part of the year, although there is a little more distance now between these karmic giants, this aspect is very much in play. Once again, Saturn is tradition, restriction, rules and routine, and Pluto is a wrecking ball. It’s power and transformation. If we can use the energies of these two planets in tandem, we can create better systems and solutions and a better world.

And speaking of getting out of the comfort zone, while simultaneously sitting on one’s couch, I will be doing a Facebook Live chat this evening, April 7 at 6:00 p.m. pacific. This will be a first for me. I will talk about tonight’s full moon, what is happening in our world now from an astrological/intuitive perspective, and how you can work with the transformational energy of these powerful planetary events. I hope to see you there.

Stay safe and well. Many blessings,


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