Looking at the chart of Monday’s Libra Lunar Eclipse (12:00 a.m. pacific), I couldn’t help but thinking how harmonious and un-eclipse-like it looked…

at first glance. But a second glance began to reveal just what this Libra eclipse may have in store.

The first thing I look for when I look at a chart is: what are the aspects? And this chart, aside from the obvious sun/moon opposition that makes it a full moon eclipse, had mostly friendly aspects, aka sextiles. And these involved Jupiter, the planet of luck and all good things; Uranus, which can be disruption, but also innovation; Venus, love and money, and Saturn, discipline, authority and consequence.

And even the harsher planets, in this case Uranus and Saturn, when in good aspect, can yield benefits. So all good, right?

Well, mostly. But knowing that it is an eclipse, we can assume that the sun in Aries opposed the Libra moon will pack an extra punch. The Aries/Libra opposition is all about the self vs. the relationship. Expect that partnerships could be tested a bit as we try to balance our needs as individuals and the responsibilities we have to our partners, whether they be romantic, friendship or business partnerships.

Add to that a Venus/Saturn conjunction in Pisces. Not only is it a Venus/Saturn conjunction, but Saturn gets between the love planets Venus and Mars. That’s like having an overbearing chaperone on what would otherwise be a romantic date. Another interpretation of this is that money or other practical issues (Saturn, again) may put a damper on love and other partnerships.

But while Saturn is serious business, it’s also the planet that easiest to work with. My advice: anticipate potential problems and have solutions at the ready. Make sure your partner feels heard, cared-for and safe, especially if you are needing space, time away from home, extra service or other concessions that may put a strain on the relationship.

Also, and this is something that I’ve been saying for a while: don’t rush to judgement if something inconvenient or difficult happens. Begin looking for the opportunity, knowing that there will be one or several. Breathe. Particularly around the eclipse, there will be a need to be mindful and assume good intentions.

Why do I say this again? Jupiter is conjunct Uranus, which means that the precise thing we need or have asked for (Jupiter) may be just on the other side of a disruptive event (Uranus). Remember the mantra “For what might this be good”? Put that on a sticky note. It will come in handy.

Other than the particular aspects of an eclipse, there are usually two things that I like to point out when they are imminent.

First, eclipses bring stuff to light. Watch what happens in the news around Monday’s eclipse, and in the time between this eclipse and the April 8 solar eclipse. Hidden agendas, espionage, scandals and all manner of intrigue will bubble up over the next month or so.

And even though we have a Mercury retro coming up–it starts on April 1, but we’re already in the slowdown period–truth will out! This will happen in every area. So if your work or hobby has something to do with the uncovering of truth, more power to you.

Speaking of Mercury retro, this one’s in Aries, which could make communications bolder and more aggressive. Yep, things will be blurted out. Honesty could be a bit brutal. But if you’re one who appreciates more directness, you might be able to roll with it, and even use it to your advantage. I can already see this starting to happen. Mercury goes direct on April 25, but let’s give it a few more days to get out of the storm period.

So the second thing I wanted to say about eclipses, is that the time between them is a period in which much change can and will occur. I call it the “magical gateway” as we can use eclipse energy to create positive change. Get in the driver’s seat, and steer toward the change you want to see in the world and your own life. Use any conflict to break through to greater understanding, unless the conflict is trying to tell you that you need a bigger change. Intuition is heightened during this between-eclipses time. And trusting it will help you lock in the upgrades. Get quiet and be reflective. Slow down. Relax and trust. This is the message of both the eclipse cycle and the Mercury retro. Yes, sometimes it’s a hurry-up-and-wait proposition, but taking the time to tune in will help us pace ourselves, kind of like tuning in to find a parking spot.

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