I hope you got a glimpse of the beautiful “strawberry” full moon on Friday! And I’ll bet you felt it’s energy as well. It was definitely a powerful one, and most people got at least one little shockwave around that day, although as full moons go, this was a mostly positive one, and the two weeks following it can bring lucky breaks and happy coincidences if you know where to look.

On the day of this most recent full moon, (Friday, June 9) Jupiter, the planet of luck, expansion, travel and education, went direct. This literally signals a change in one’s luck. And it is particularly important in areas where energy has felt stalled or that change was not coming. Jupiter went retro in February. Look to projects that have been on the shelf since then. Is it time to take them down and have another look?

This turn-around will make big waves in the political arena as well, as Jupiter is also associated with justice, especially in Libra, the sign of justice. Things may be coming to a head very soon. Remember that it is the Rooster year, which means the chickens generally do come home to roost. Whichever side of the fence you find yourself politically, remind yourself that you win if justice wins. It’s a great time to call or write your representatives, be active politically, and be part of the solution, focusing on what you do want, not what you don’t.

Saturn is also involved in this full moon chart, as the planet of consequences, discipline, and rules is near-conjunct the Sagittarius moon. The chart of the exact moment of the full moon informs the events of the next month, but especially the 2 weeks following the full moon. So you can expect that rules will be enforced.

Forces that do not always work well together may actually form alliances for a common goal. This is as true in the global arena as it is in your workplace right now. Seek assistance in interesting places. Or at least be open to opportunities you might have dismissed in the past. Out of the box thinking is favored now. Watch what presents itself.

As always, the 2 weeks following a full moon is a great time for releasing anything that is no longer needed. Clean, organize, exercise, eliminate unhelpful habits.

Also of note: Neptune goes retro on June 16. Equal parts dark-night-of-the-soul, work on core issues that hold you back, and meditate, do art and yoga, listen to your inner urgings and dreams. One the global stage: revelations, shedding of illusions.

The luckiest days this month are…

Tuesday, June 13 and Wednesday June 14, with a lucky air trine (Mercury, Moon, Jupiter) bringing good ideas and good luck. But sure to intersperse your mental exertions with meditation, as Mercury also squares Neptune, and you don’t want to get so entrenched in your mind that you miss out on the intuitive hunches sent to help you along. Be flexible and work with joy.

And Tuesday, June 20, the day of the summer solstice. This one has a nice, grounded, sensual Taurus moon with mostly harmonious aspects. It’s good for both work and play. It’s also a great day to set your intentions for the next six months and reflect on the progress of the last six months.

Happy June, and happy soon-to-be-summer!