Tonight’s Sagittarius new moon (11:20 p.m. pacific) should bring a bit of luck, energy and inspiration. Today, Thursday, is also the day Mercury goes direct. If it’s been a challenging few weeks for you, relief is in sight. But, remember that the day Mercury changes direction can be a challenging one. Be flexible and centered.

If you are up late tonight, the 1/2 hour before and after the new moon is a particularly good time to set intentions for the month, or the year, if it’s the new moon nearest your birthday. It’s also a good time to begin a new project, preferably one well-researched and prepared-for (as we are still within the Mercury retro storm period).

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, travel, adventure, expansion, teaching and higher education. A pretty good sign, if you ask me, though the flip-side can be excess, risky behavior, and flakiness. A Neptune/Mars conjunction squaring the sun/moon conjunction could bring bad luck to the overly-impulsive over the next two weeks. Drugs and alcohol will be more potent and dangerous now. People who have let you down in the past will be up to their old tricks under this influence. Be mindful and keep expectations in check when dealing with those who have been unreliable.

But overall, the holidays look brighter as Mercury retro recedes. By December 11, we will be out of the storm period, so it will be safer to interact with others. Around this time, you might want to revisit any ideas you had during the Mercury retro to see how they look now. Maybe you had some creative breakthroughs, as this period can bring outside-the-box thinking. And you may or may not want to get back with the ex- who came calling during Mercury or Venus retro. But either way, it’s a better time to decide, especially after the storm has cleared.

I know I keep saying this, but it’s also a good time for the secrets of those in the public eye to be revealed, and lies to be fettered out. But in the public sphere, it keeps happening, and these two weeks should bring even more revelations.

On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn which brings the winter solstice. This is a time to reflect on the progress of the year, and also a great day to set new year’s intentions, even though the so-called “new year” is just a flip of a calendar page. Your real new year is your birthday, and the best time to set intentions is during your solar return, the time the sun returns to the place is was at your time of birth. (That’s why I love to talk to people before their birthdays!)

But I get the new year’s resolution thing, even though, by the end of February, most bets are called off, especially once the lunar new year chimes in. The January 1st, or Mickey Mouse new year is best for numbers goals written in a place where they can be revisited each month.

And on December 22, we’ve got a powerful Cancer full moon. This is the annual full moon when the inner emotional world and the outer world of career, business and finance come up for review. How emotionally satisfying is your career? What changes need to be made in your finances? Full moons are about release, and this one comes at a perfect time to look into the new calendar year and begin the changes you would like to see in your home and workplace.

Holiday Blessings,


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