OK, before we start talking about Mercury retro, let’s talk about the couple of days we’ve got left of this Venus retro, because I want to make sure that you reap the full benefits of it. Benefits? Really? You ask. I’ve been emotional/impulsive/regressive/mean/swatting away ex-lovers like flies…What could possibly be good about Venus retro?

Here it is again, in case you missed my last article. Venus retro is a time to meet old patterns, habits and issues in a new way. Hopefully, you’ve been taking that to heart by watching your patterns, taking time before reacting, and digging deep. If you haven’t, or this is the first you’ve heard of this opportunity to make important changes, don’t worry, we’ve got a few more days until November 16 to turn around these habits and behaviors.

Here’s how to do it. Think of the last thing that truly angered or saddened you. Or the habit, pattern or belief that has plagued you the most in your life. Then go straight into the emotion of it. And stay there. Be with it. Through anger, tears, or whatever comes up. Set aside two hours. Be with it. Keep being with it until the bird flies out of your soul. This is unmistakable, a lightness that whispers something in your ear such as “Elvis has left the building”. You’re free. Then go and buy yourself a bracelet, ring, tattoo, whatever will constantly remind you that you don’t have to get pissed off, weepy, etc. anymore when that trigger comes up. Because it will. And you have developed a pattern of reacting the same way to it. Put pictures in your office, car, home, phone, desktop that remind you that you have had this release. This process always works better when you are already feeling the emotion. So if it’s happening, allow it. That’s the whole point. Emotional habits form when we make the emotion wrong and don’t allow it.

Hey, did you know that Jupiter entered its home sign of Sagittarius on November 9? Now, this is a really, really good thing. Jupiter is where it should be in the sign of the archer. And while this is great news especially for Sag and the other fire signs (Leo and Aries), everyone will benefit from Jupiter being in its happy place. The only problem with Jupiter is that it is a planet that has a hard time with moderation. Couple this with the Neptune trine and suddenly we’re susceptible to advertising, flattery and “just one more drink”.

And, yes, Mercury retro is coming. Well, we’re already in the storm period of the retro. And while I’m not one of those who get too worked up about this particular transit, it is worth mentioning. Be mindful of your communications. Get important stuff done now if you can, and be flexible. The official retro is on November 16, which is the day Venus goes direct. Watch out for shenanigans. Mercury officially goes direct on December 6, but give it until the 11th to exit the storm.

Yeah, Thanksgiving could be interesting, what with a Gemini full moon that day (9:39 p.m. pacific). Yeah, Gemini. Let’s-argue-to-the-death Gemini. Let’s-bring-our-Iphones-into-the-sauna Gemini. Yes, Gemini, the most brilliant of the signs. Really. But what is Mercury retro but too much brilliance happening at once?

But remember, you are the one at the table who knows to be flexible, mindful and compassionate. If you are hosting the gathering, set the energy and tone by meditating, ringing bells, voicing intentions, before the guests show up. Maybe burn a pink candle. And try to be peace. And if you fail, that’s okay, too. Many things that happen during a Mercury retro can be reversed, yes, often with much difficulty, but nonetheless I can count on one hand the times I’ve irrevocably screwed something up during a Mercury retro, and those things that made the list were things it turned out I could actually live much better without. So, yes, there is a bright side. Besides the intrigue, if that’s your cup of tea, and the creativity. Make sure to take some time alone to be creative and explore the ideas that come to you during this time. And for the best tips on how to manage it, along with lucky days, like my page on Facebook


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