So I went camping last weekend, something I’ve been avoiding doing for donkey’s years, telling myself I preferred a nice hotel room, the more stars the better, so I could then go out into the wild fully rested, and enjoy a nice sauna and steam room after the hike.

But I had just had a major realization: I am not who I thought I was. I am not solely under the control of my Capricorn sun, I am now inhabiting my Virgo moon, which is the superego, or highest expression of my natal astrology.

In my last moon circle series, I challenged participants to fully inhabit and embody their moon signs. And when I remembered this, I realized that my Virgo moon was up for camping. Besides, I knew it would be a good experience for my daughter (Taurus moon, very nature-loving) so I bit the bullet. And it was fabulous.

On Saturday night, the moon rose big and beautiful, just a few hours from fullness, over the campground as we sat around the fire. Someone began to sing in a croaky voice about a bad moon on the rise.

I laughed, as I knew that it was going to be an intense one, what with the 29 degrees of serious Aquarian/Leo energy it was packing. And what the hell was I doing, roughing it with my Aquarian-moon, Taurus-sun husband who is known for being disagreeable on the mildest of full moons?

I’m not saying that being a Capricorn was the problem. Capricorn is an earth sign, too, so it stands to reason that a Capricorn would enjoy camping. But shifting the way I defined and saw myself has opened me up to new experiences, new ways of thinking and even new abilities as well as confidence in abilities (such as organizing) that I didn’t think I was good at.

So that’s what I mean when I say inhabit your moon sign. It is an adding rather than a subtracting. And it’s ultimately a loosening of the ego’s power over you, as our sun signs can be seen as the ego’s clothing, the trappings of our exterior lives, which we can remove if we choose.

My Capricorn sun, and yours, whatever it may be, is there as a tool that I can use. Am I still goal-oriented? Heck, yeah! It is a valuable employee, but not the boss anymore, and it loves challenges so much that this month I did three different ones, challenging myself to meditate, read a new book of poetry and write a poem each day.

But I digress, because we are talking about the moon. And in my old view of the moon, I had a “bad” one.

When I was defining the moon as “Your Emotional Personality” (yes, I actually wrote an article so entitled), Virgo was not a good place to have the moon. Too worrisome, critical, fastidious, unsentimental and destined for lowly stations in life. Ugh.

And my husband with his Aquarius moon, another ugh, as the moon is said to be in its “detriment” in this sign.

But what if the moon held the key to your karmic destiny? What if, by honoring the moon, you were fulfilling that destiny, and when you left the planet, you could do so knowing that you’d been who you were truly meant to be, and gotten all that you came for? Even if you came to this knowing late. Even and especially if you thought you were here to do other things, like achieve goals?

The following list of primary moon-sign keywords, qualities, challenges, and sacred wounds (yes, also a part of your karmic destiny) is by no means exhaustive. And there are other things to consider: aspects to the moon, lunar nodes, and progressions, to mention a few. But I wanted to introduce this idea, and give you a few things to meditate on and perhaps immediately put in action if you feel called to inhabit your moon sign as your Higher Self (and maybe demote your sun sign to Vice President status).

(If you need to know your moon sign, let’s talk. In a 1 hour or 1/2 hour session, you will learn some fabulous things beside that, I promise).

I have given them cool names, just like the seasonal full moons are named “Cold Moon” or “Pink Moon”. But feel free to tweak your “moon name” 🙂 I really love “Secretary’s Moon”, BTW, though “Writer’s Moon” would work, too. But the former is less exalted, as most Virgo moon people would probably prefer. For Aquarius moon people, I like “Visionary Moon”, but “Boss Moon” is another good one. Keep in mind that the moon sign does not necessarily dictate what you should do with your life, as much as the spirit in which you do what you choose to do with your life.

Let’s start with the moon’s own sign, Cancer. Ocean Moon. Embrace the fact that emotions rise and fall. You’re everybody’s mother, or they think you are. Nurture yourself first. Take your healing energy into the world. Honor the Divine feminine. Tend to the home, as it’s your sanctuary. Help others be at home, however you can. Sensitivity and empathy are your superpowers. Create, Counsel. Cook. Sacred wound: holding on to things, people, beliefs. Mantra: I am the ocean and the moon. I am in the flow.

Leo. Glitter Moon. Get on stage. Speak from the heart. Generosity is your superpower. Use your charisma to save the world. Do art like a child. Play and help others find their joyful inner child. Expand and help others expand. Sacred wound: wounded inner child, compulsions. Mantra: My light brings light to the world.

Virgo. Secretary’s Moon. Sacred work and service. Reverence and spirituality. You put things right (i.e. clean up others’ messes). Organization, tidiness. Writing and editing. You are a secretary to the Divine. Accomplish tasks by increments. Attend to details. Focus. Intellect. Sacred wound: the internalized critical/worrying mother, judgement and self-recrimination. Mantra: I serve and channel the Divine.

Libra. Justice Moon. You are here to champion fairness and make the world a lovelier place. Create and/or distribute beauty. Work for equality. Harmony is your guiding light. Romance and all manner of partnerships are important, but make sure there is harmony upfront. Equity and equilibrium. Sacred wound: losing yourself in relationship, creating/inviting drama, indecision. Mantra: I am truth and beauty.

Scorpio. Phoenix Moon. Transformation. You have probably not had it easy, because you are here to transform, and transform again. Help others learn the lessons you’ve learned and transform. You are freakin’ powerful. Sacred wound: staying pissed off at the past. Mantra: I rise from the ashes and soar.

Sagittarius. Lucky Moon. You are carefree, fortunate and expansive. You attract and impart good humor, adventure, synchronicity, and connections. You are teacher, traveler, philosopher and team-player. Sacred wound: the rush to judgment and speaking too rashly or too soon. Mantra: Blessings flow to me and through me.

Capricorn. Miner’s Moon. You are here to make manifest the ambitions of the Divine within and master the material plain. Integrity, sacrifice, and discipline are your touchstones. Counsel, coach and guide others. Have goals, plans and strategies, but be willing to scrap them all for something higher. Sacred wound: feeling misunderstood, loneliness. Mantra: I build a better world.

Aquarius. Visionary Moon. Be the boss. Teach teachers and train trainers. Form foundations. Visualize the world you want to create. Transform by shifting your perspective every day. You are an activist. Work for change. Let your freak flag fly! Sacred wound: alternately feeling powerless and mongering power. Mantra: I envision and create.

Pisces. Love Moon. You are pure love in its highest form. Be meditative and creative every day. You are a lightworker and healer. Your energy is precious. Help to enlighten others using silence and intuition. You are lucky and bestow tremendous gifts on others. Choose those around you carefully. Respect you sensitivity and protect your energy. Sacred wound: over-giving, taking in the wounded birds, wishful thinking. Mantra: I am guided by Divine love.

Aries. Wild Moon. You are a pioneer. Start something fabulous and enlist others to help keep it going. Be the leader. Inhabit your body, using the mind only as a tool. You have energy to burn. Trust your gut. Find something to throw yourself into. Sacred wound: anger and over-doing it. Mantra: I honor my wild spirit.

Taurus. Maestro’s Moon. You have several fabulous talents. Unearth the hidden ones. Go in the direction of joy, and you will find purpose there. All arts are favored, especially visual and auditory. Sensual, grounded. You can make a living doing art. Invest in tangible things. Sacred wound: being overly practical, putting money first, possessiveness. Mantra: I create abundance and beauty.

Gemini. Kaleidoscope Moon. You are multifaceted and multitalented. Your domain is communication: speaking, writing, texting, commerce and transport. Resourceful, charismatic. You are unique in your means of expression, intuitive and innovative. Sacred wound: over-thinking, masking feelings with external stimuli. Mantra: Al I need is within. I flow and shift with grace.

Another way to fully inhabit the moon is to stay abreast of what sign the moon is currently transiting. Use the guide above to work with the energy of that moon. For instance, Taurus moons are great for creative pursuits, Leo moons will bring out your charisma. My favorite resource for this is Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide, though there are plenty of astrological planners and calendars.

When the moon is in your moon sign, this is called your lunar return. You may be more emotional during this time, so plan to meditate more and take good care of yourself, seeing emotions as weather that will move through you. It’s also a good time to eat lightly or fast. Transformative intuitions and spiritual experiences are more accessible at this time.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re catching some of the brilliant ideas and opportunities that are in the air following the most recent full moon in Aquarius. We’ll talk about the Virgo new moon in a few days.

And if this was interesting to you, consider joining my Moon Circle Series!

I will be hosting another Creating Abundance by the Moon. We will meet around the Virgo new moon (Sept 7), Pisces full moon/Autumnal Equinox (Sept 21) and Libra new moon (October 5) all Tuesday evenings!
This will be a special one, and here’s why:

Much like cash, sun signs have been “king” for most of our lives. We say “I’m a Capricorn” or “I’m a faaabulous Leo”, and we read the daily horoscope for that sign. We’ve nodded our heads from time to time at how well that fit us, or our friend who is “a total Sag” or “such a freakin’ Gemini” because he’s on his phone even when he’s on his Ipad, but that’s only a part of us, a much smaller part than you’ve imagined.

The sun sign is the ego. It’s how we are in the world, but it is not our soul. Used properly, it can be a wonderful right-hand man.

And when we get triggered, it’s the rising sign that rushes in. Mine is Scorpio. I call it “bitchy rising”. But the moon is what Freud called the superego, the higher self.

We are going to inhabit that. I’m a Virgo. How about you? For these 4 weeks, and beyond, we are going to redefine ourselves, and I believe you will find a truer version of yourself and become more of who you really are. And from there we will work with the moon as it moves through the signs, becoming more effective and fulfilled, knowing what to pick up and what to leave behind.

And, yes, as always we will do fabulous manifestations, healing releases and open to and receive more guidance and clarity.

Check it out and purchase tickets HERE! Only $75 for all three sessions if you sign up by August 31, $85 after that.

Here’s what one participant said about the series:

Jackleen’s moon circles have been so centering for me. They are such a welcomed opportunity to hear what’s going on in the universe, connect to it and get the boost I need to move forward, to let go of unwanted baggage and to hold open the space to be my best self. I feel so relaxed after each session and I’ve noticed it becomes cumulative. In general I’m more mindful about myself and my interactions with others as I attend more and more of her sessions. I can’t recommend them enough. They truly have been game changing for me–S.C.

And during the moon circle series, participants receive a discount on intuitive astrological sessions ($15 off a 1/2 hour session or $25 off a 1 hour session).

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And if you want to take a deep dive into your chart, uncover your purpose, how to transform your unique challenges, and how to prosper on your own terns, see below the article to learn more about Transformational Astrology.


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