The Pisces full moon always brings a touch of mysticism, intuition and creativity, but this evening’s Pisces moon (10:22 p.m. pacific) is an interesting one because not only does it contain all that, but all of the planets are participating in multiple aspects, which means that it will be a lively two weeks, with reversals aplenty.

All of the planets in this full moon’s chart are interacting at the party, and all have several different aspects with other planets. At the last moon, Mars was the clear instigator, with plentiful aspects, both harmonious and challenging, and while Mars remains a key-player, Venus emerges as the planet with the most aspects, or facets of her personality on display this time around.

Venus is the planet of love and money. She is the feminine ideal, goddess of beauty and justice. She is also known as the lesser benefic (jupiter being the greater), so a pretty good planet altogether. Venus wants harmony, fairness and romance. And when she’s positively aspected, there is agreement and progress in these areas. And she does have nice interactions with Neptune, the planet of both spirituality and illusion, and Mercury, planet of mental processes and communications.

But she runs into problems with a square to Mars, which is the planet of male expression and action. So, yes, relationship issues may arise. Venus is in emotional Cancer, while Mars is in its aggressive home sign of Aries.

And Venus opposes both Saturn and Pluto, and since these are heavy-hitters whose conjunction has dominated and defined 2020, we could see more evidence of injustice and continued economic economic difficulty. As I’ve mentioned before, we are going through a time where things once-hidden are coming to light. Which is a part of the transformation I’ve been talking about for a long time. Find hidden truths and bring them to light. Fight disinformation at every level. Or better yet, promote truth over falsehoods. If you don’t know what the truth is, this is a good time to receive intuitive insights that lead you in the direction of your truth. And as always, but more importantly now than ever, be for the causes you support, rather than against the one you don’t.

Lively discussions will be had, and counselors and mediators will be working overtime, or at least I hope they will, as bringing third parties in to help create understanding is favored now. If you need help understanding something or someone, a third (neutral) party will likely be able to see the situation from a different perspective or show you an aspect of it that you have been unable to see. Don’t hesitate to seek tutoring, coaching and other guidance.

The two weeks following a full moon are about lightening one’s load: releasing, reducing and habits of elimination. So today’s a good day to look at your habits and evaluate whether or not they are helping you move in the right direction.

And while you may not be able to quit everything that is not serving you cold turkey, bringing a noticing to your impulses, cravings and distractions, with an eye to reducing or substituting a better behavior, will be very helpful over the next two weeks.

Don’t be surprised if situations and people turn around more than once following this full moon, as there is a lot of changeability in moods, ideas and even beliefs. Be flexible and willing to give a little to make it easier for the other person to come around.

Full moons are often tense, so today and tomorrow, be aware that others may be particularly triggered. Be as centered and grounded as possible. Don’t be drawn into the drama. If you can let something go that you haven’t been able to in the past, you are in the process of transforming. Keep going in that direction.

Pay attention to your hunches, ideas and dreams now. Intuition and gut feelings abound. Creative ideas will also be plentiful. Great insights may come from being more in your body than your mind. And the cool thing about intuitions is if you follow them, you will be training yourself to receive and use more of this guidance, which always leads in the right direction. Be patient with yourself and with what shows up now. A lot of people are up-leveling at this time, and this can only be good news.

Please join me this evening, September 1, at 6:00 pacific on Facebook Live for a chat about tonight’s Pisces full moon, how it relates to current events, and how to best navigate the next two weeks.



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