Today’s Pisces Full Moon (4:55 p.m. pacific) will certainly bring up challenges, although there will be insights, inspiration and synchronicity mixed in. Those who will be most successful at finding these hidden gems over the next two weeks are the ones who take time to get centered daily, go inward before going outward, and keep drama to a minimum, knowing that this is a time of release, completion, and self-reference before external focus.

Yes, there will be times when going outward is not only necessary, but profitable and fulfilling, but in general it is not a time for willy-nilly socializing or big, dramatic launches. Those who are overly externally-focused will have a tough go of it during this interesting time.

Not only is the Pisces full moon near the “degree of tears”, and fresh off a conjunction with the ruler of dreams and illusions, Neptune, but the sun is nearing a conjunction with aggressive, make-it-happen Mars. Spoiler alert: those who fall under the sway of Mars, in its detriment in Libra, will be frustrated in their efforts to force outcomes. Passive-aggressive behavior is also quite likely during this time.

And let’s not forget that we are entering a Mercury retro, which is a sign to pull back, make a backup plan, be patient and flexible. My rule of thumb for bold, outward moves during any Mercury retro, but especially this one: pursue only that which you are strongly guided by spirit to do.

Speaking of Mercury, not only does the planet of communications go retro in Libra, the sign of indecision, it squares Pluto, which makes it hard (or even harder) to deal with the boss and others in positions of power. Also, innocent communications may be mistaken for battle cries. But what else is new. I’m not saying don’t express what you feel impelled to share on social media, but know that others may take the most well-intentioned post to task.

One thing you can do is to unfollow those whose opinions are likely to inflame you, at least for now. You may want to limit your time in these areas as well. Again, those who will fare best are those who center themselves before going into public arenas. Even if you love your public, trust me on this.

Remember, the two weeks following a full moon are all about releasing: eliminating things such as habits, toxins, and clutter, both physical and mental. Better boundaries can be set and enforced during this time as well. You might do well to make a list of all the things you would like to release or reduce, and at least get started on doing so. The sun, after all, is in Virgo, which is the sign of house-cleaning.

Relationships that are on already shaky ground may be shaken up a bit more. With Venus, the love and money planet in opposition to disruptive Uranus, some relationships, and jobs will come to their completion. Just as I would caution you not to try to make things happen unless the angels trumpet their blessing, I would also say don’t try to hard to hold onto anything. Chances are good that you’re not going to lose something that you wouldn’t live a better, fuller life without.

But it’s not all bad, in fact, it can be pretty good if you harness the energy of Mars for practical, disciplined work. Mars and Saturn are well-aspected, so keeping your head down and getting the job done can yield great benefits now. And there will be times, despite everything else, that work flows and a lot gets accomplished, especially when you’re left to your own devices, as individual work, rather than teamwork, is favored.

And some of the crazy ideas that you’re likely to have during this time will be brilliant. I have said this before, but the ideas one has during Mercury retro are a little like the ones had after too many cocktails. Most of them are crap in the light of day, but occasionally, you get something you would not have imagined in more sober hours. But I don’t want to encourage drunkenness, especially with the emo moon/Neptune vibe, and the Mars opposition which is sure to bring dashed expectations, hurt feelings and the like.

So here’s the down-low on the Mercury retro. Like I said, we’re already in the storm period. But it officially starts on Sunday, September 26, and goes until October 18. But you’ll want to give it until October 22 to exit the storm period. This doesn’t mean everything is doomed. I know that most of us will have to do business-related things like sign papers, launch projects and make important presentations. It just means that you’ll want to be more flexible, budget more time, have a sense of humor and a plan b.

Last but not least, the Fall Equinox happens on Wednesday, September 22 as the sun moves into Libra. This is a time for gratitude, both for your own efforts and accomplishments as well as for those who have helped you. Libra is the sign of relationship, harmony and justice. It’s a good time to consider how to create more equality, beauty and love in the world around us, and to celebrate these values and those who have added them to our lives. Meditate on the changes you would like to create over the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

And if you want to see where all of this happens in your chart, and how you can best maximize it, let’s talk.



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