Sunday’s Pisces new moon (1:00 a.m. pacific) might feel to some like a welcome port in the proverbial storm, and/or the calm before the storm.

While the recent Virgo full moon may have stirred up some emotions, and perhaps precipitated a spot of drama at home and/or in the workplace, what we are heading into looks a bit more dramatic: an eclipse cycle coupled with a Mercury retro, and in the midst of the U.S. Pluto return (Yep, we can expect even more craziness in the political arena).

But first, we have this mostly harmonious new moon in the sign of unconditional love.

Pisces is the sign of evolution. In a zodiacal progression, every sign is moving on its journey to Pisces. Those with strong Pisces affiliations come in with much spiritual knowledge and true wisdom. Neptune, the sign that rules the sign of the fish, is also in its home sign, nearly conjunct the sun and moon. Pisces/Neptune is intuition, karma, and magic. Almost everyone who takes a moment to meditate, do yoga and be mindful will feel more spiritually connected, compassionate and intuitive around this new moon. Insights abound. And, yes, your million-dollar or world-changing idea is likely to touch down if you are available to it.

The other side of the Pisces coin is illusion. The only difference between its heads and tails is that this side makes people feel like all that wonderful spiritual energy is outside of themselves, and that they need something: a drink, drug, or whatever it is that creates for them that dopamine hit that fosters that feeling of connectedness.

This new moon lovingly invites us to look at all the activities we are undertaking in order to feel that connection. Not necessarily to stop these behaviors cold turkey–we’ll talk about that around the full moon, or the lunar eclipse, that touches down on March 25. But to bring a deliberation to our actions, and to shine the light on those habits and behaviors that would rather fly under the radar unexamined. Noticing is the first step toward creating habitual change.

In fact, the more deliberate and conscious you can be over the next two weeks, the better.

Why? Because we have some challenging planetary weather brewing, and changes are coming. This would be a good time to start new projects that are about creating change. And because we have a Mercury retro coming–the official start date is, very appropriately, April Fool’s Day–we want to get a jump start on the things we will be working on during that period.

And the good news is that there will be a lot of inspiration floating around, enough to go around, and many people will feel purposeful, and helpful. Pisces is all about humanitarian work and ideals. Creatives and healers will flourish, as will those with ideas about how to make the world better for all.

Most of the aspects in the new moon’s chart are positive, which means cooperation and progress are favored.

During the two weeks following this new moon, launch new projects and ask for the help and support you need from others.

Trust your gut feelings and leanings now. Listen to your hunches and pay attention to dreams and symbols that come to you. Ask your guidance for answers.

And if you feel it, ask for a raise, promotion, the job you just interviewed for, and any other opportunity or favor that you would like.

The only downside is a Mars/Uranus square which could cause disruptions. Because Mercury moves into aggressive Aries hours before the new moon, people may communicate with more directness and less sensitivity than you would like. You may also find yourself speaking before you realize it. Mercury in Aries works fast, and often gets ahead of itself. It is known for quick reactions and words coming out harsher than they were meant to sound. But if you are one who respects directness and truth, this could be a welcome transit. And if you’re in need of a boldness transfusion, this transit will help with that, too.

Breathe and be mindful. If conflict happens, be quick to apologize and de-escalate. And try not to take it personally when others shoot from the hip. Your boss and co-workers, partner and other drivers on your commute might not be getting this newsletter. It might help to forward it to those who might be receptive 😊

Luck is present in this chart, too. But it is coupled with preparation, work you’ve done in the past, and people you’ve worked with in the past. Yep, Saturn and Jupiter are in friendly aspect, so listen to your guidance if it tells you to call or otherwise reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while. Mending fences is also favored, but make sure you shift your own energy relative to another before contacting them.

There is also opportunity to talk to and influence those in power. Again, follow your guidance. Setting and enforcing boundaries is also favored and will bring rewards.

So overall, a pretty good moon, and a productive, positive waxing moon period (the two weeks following the new moon). As I mentioned, this is a good one for new starts, and it’s also a great time to set intentions, and follow up those intentions with action. All of us will have the ability to receive ground-breaking, life-changing, million dollar ideas. Pisces tells us to go into the silence and be mindful and deliberate, to be a blank canvas for the muses to write, draw or paint on.

And if you really want to rock the next two weeks, I will be hosting a New Moon Circle via Zoom this Monday, March 11 at 6:00 p.m. pacific. This moon circle will be a by-donation event benefiting World Central Kitchen, an organization that provides meals for those in areas impacted by disaster or war. Here’s the link to sign up: New Moon Circle. Not only will you have a much better couple of weeks, your donation will help others, so good karma!

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