It’s the season of transformation! Yes, this morning the sun moved into the most fascinating sign in the Zodiac: Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion (grudges and jealousy), the eagle (success and attainment), and the phoenix (rising from the ashes). And wouldn’t you know it, a Taurus full moon comes in tomorrow, this one catching some volatile aspects in its web.

The Taurus moon, which opposes the Scorpio sun at 9:45 a.m. pacific tomorrow, is conjunct Uranus, the planet of disruptive change, while the Scorpio sun conjoins a retro Venus, also in Scorpio. So needless to say, if you haven’t been rocked by Venus retro, more opportunities will likely arise over the next two weeks. But don’t freak. Just be mindful. If you are thinking “how can I transform?” or “here’s where I’d like a transformation”, then you’re on the right road. Be aware for your signs and signals. I am convinced that what is being asked of us during this time is “How can I do this differently”. If you have a problem that you keep bumping up against, especially in matters of love, money or justice, this is definitely the question you want to ask.

Venus retrograde is much rarer than its more-famous cousin, Mercury retrograde. But when it does come, it can cause a few shenanigans in your love life, perhaps even bring up an ex- or two, but generally, it acts like an emo Mercury retro. While Mercury is all about mental processes and communications, Venus dwells more in the feeling realm. So if you’ve been a little out-of-sorts, a Venus retro in Scorpio, a super-heavy emotional sign, might be playing a part in that. And if you really want to hear a cosmic joke…the day Venus goes direct (November 16), Mercury will go retro. Yep, just in time for Thanksgiving. But if you’ve played your Venus retro cards right, nothing anyone at the dinner table can say will mess with you too much. Indeed, if you’ve played for transformation, you’ll find yourself responding very differently to the things people say when their mental processes are affected by another Mercury retro.

And isn’t that what we’re here for? Or at least a sizable part of the reason we come down to earth. To get over it. To become stronger because of it. And not to be owned by others who would use it, consciously or not, against us.

Remember: Full moons and the waning period (as the moon becomes smaller over the two weeks following the full moon) are best for releasing what you no longer need so that you can then build on a solid foundation. New moons and the waxing (growing larger) period following are best for building.

In the political arena, more change is on the way. We have an election coming up that is one of the most important in history. It asks the question “What kind of country do we want for ourselves and future generations?” But there will be challenges. Perhaps another “October Surprise” or several. With Uranus and Pluto prominent, fear will play a role. And justice has been a little out-of-sorts with the Venus retro. However, I am leaning toward optimism, as I believe most people want the kind of freedom and compassion that I believe best defines us as a country.

Whatever your political leanings, I would suggest getting together with like-minded souls, and sending energy to your vision for the world, and for peace and healing. And please, VOTE!


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