Ok, so let’s talk about how to get the most out of a retrograde cycle. We’ve got several planets currently, and about-to-go retro. Let’s take a look at how to navigate what’s coming up.

First, let’s talk about what a retrograde is. It’s the time in the planetary cycle in which the planet appears to reverse in its orbit. This actually strengthens the quality of the planet. For example, Mercury is the planet commonly known as the trickster. Well, that makes this time in its cycle a little trickier, but a retro planet can also get a boost in some of its positive qualities as well. And since we’re talking about Mercury, let’s start there.

1) Mercury retro. This retrograde is the one that gets the most press, and the most people running around like headless chickens, blaming the planets for some crazy stuff happening. My advice is so consistent on this that I get bored saying it. But here goes, in case you missed the most recent Facebook post: chill, breathe, meditate, be creative, revise, work behind the scenes, back-up your work, research, yeah–try not to make super-important decisions or sign very important documents (but if you do, you’ll probably be all right, though you may experience delays or have to go back and revise), finish rather than start things, be more in the body than in the mind, only do what you are compelled to do, be flexible, have a sense of humor because you are probably going to need it.

But the thing I don’t say as often is that great brilliance is often possible during Mercury retro. And out-of-the-box solutions often emerge because it’s an out-of-the-box time. So that’s why I make the above recommendations. And since you probably have to go about your business, (i.e. send things, sign things, say things) if you screw up, Mercury retro is actually friendlier to your bottom line (i.e. keeping your relationship, job, client, etc.) than if you would have screwed up during a non-retro time. You’ll just have your work cut our for you. That’s the reversible quality of Mercury retro. So, basically, I don’t know what the big deal is. We’ll probably survive it.

This Mercury retro cycle begins on April 9 and continues through May 3. The storm period (which means we’re still not out of the woods, although things have mostly returned to normal) goes till May 8. (Yes, there’s a shadow period which lasts even longer, but, seriously, let’s just say be mindful, and let that mindfulness stay with you). Mercury is retro in Taurus (slowdowns, stubbornness, love, money, purchases) until April 20 when it retros into Aries (impulses, anger, male energy).

2) Venus. Love and money. This probably just means you’ve argued with your partner at least once since March 4th. Maybe about money or possessions. And if you haven’t, you probably will before April 15.

Venus just retroed into Pisces, so, yay! Pisces is the love sign. At least it’s not “me, me, me” anymore like it was last month. If you’re in the right relationship, you’ll probably not break up for good during this time. In fact, you might have breakthroughs in your love life and/or finances.

3) Jupiter has been retro since early February and it will be until the second week of June. Good luck will come from bad luck, and vice versa. My recommendation: don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose (duh, I know) and don’t get too high on your wins, or too low on losses. Again, retros have that reversible quality. Celebrate when the check clears the bank.

4) Saturn. It went retro yesterday. It goes direct August 25. Play by the rules. Observe ritual and routine. Respect your superiors, elders, authority, and the rule of law as much as it’s possible to do so while respecting your own moral authority over all. I actually think that this one is the easiest of the planetary gods to appease. Be a good citizen. Do what you say you’re going to do. Work diligently and, for the most part, don’t swim against the current.

Of course all these retrogrades, and a bunch of other transits, are taking place in specific locations in your unique natal chart, and knowing this will shine more light on what actions (and non-actions) are particularly beneficial to you at this time. Let’s talk. (619) 275-1731.

Peace and blessings.